Want to enjoy the family vacation on wheels, but worried that the little ones will keep you on your toes? Well, having kids around can indeed be both fun and trying at the same time. However, fret not as there are a variety of ways you can keep the tiny monsters engaged on the go, yet have a relaxing and fun-filled holiday. Try some of these tips below, and turn your recreational vehicle (RV) excursion into a cherishing retreat:






Toy Therapy

Kids tend to become restless during long rides. If testimonials of experienced parents are to be believed, you are likely to face episodes of tantrums pretty often throughout the journey. A toy that your child is attached to, can come handy at such crucial times of emotional outbursts. Therefore, being thrifty is not an option when it comes to making space for your kid’s toys in your RV; rather stuff your bags with them. Better still, invite the little ones to choose and pack their favorite items.

Advantage Sweet Tooth

Croissant, cookies, peanut butter or chocolate pastries — most Kids love sweets, so forget your dentist’s warning for a while and stock up on some sinful condiments. RVs have enough storage for everything indulgent. Reach out to your kitty whenever you need additional distractions. Considering, your kids will eventually sweat it out in the outdoors on this trip, that generous treat of sweet treats will actually provide your child some much-needed calories.

Busy Kid Is a Happy Kid

Palm top video games are a smart way to keep your naughty ones entertained, while cooped up in a coach for hours at a stretch. If your kids are able to read, introduce them to map reading in a fun way such as teaching how to trace your route, pointing out some familiar locations. Don’t forget to arm them with a pair of binoculars to instill a spirit of adventure.

Fun Destinations

Put your feet into your kid’s shoes, while planning itinerary. Instead of only sticking to serene beaches, include theme parks such as Disneyland etc in your schedule. In fact, even when parking by the dusk, look for family-friendly campgrounds that offer a lot of activities such as hay rides, light rails, outdoor theater, swimming pools and more.

Fun Ways to Life Skills

Teach your kids some life hacks, albeit not in a preachy way. For instance, make them feel important and useful by engaging them in your daily chores on the go. Be it by asking them to peeling the veggies, help bake a cake or cleaning the counters, or generally teaching the importance of not littering on campgrounds etc.

Saying so, we certainly aren’t asking you to spoil your kids crazy in an effort to keep them occupied. Remember, balance is the key, and smart parents certainly know it well. Children will adapt to any circumstance, as long as they feel secure and cared for. Set the rules, reward them, and your kids will follow them happily.

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Don’t want to part with your old recreational vehicle (RV) that’s still giving you great mileage? Or want to pep it up before you put it up for sale? Make use of your creative ingenious, and invest in a few inexpensive items to give your old rig a uber cool look. Wondering where to start from? We have broken down the entire process in six baby steps as follows:


Flooring First

Replace faded and worn-out carpet with laminated wooden flooring. Vinyl tile flooring is also good and extremely cost-effective, too. Both are easy to maintain and capable of giving your rig a neat look. Worried if it will ? Break the monotony by throwing in some colorful rugs in strategic locations – in front of the bath, below the kitchen table and the main living area.

Fab up the Furnishing

Banish tattered and discolored upholstery and introduce some bright new drapes, cushion covers, valences and bed-spreads to usher in some cheer. Cash strapped? Retrieve those silk and lacy garments you haven’t worn in years, apply your sewing skills, and add charm to the existing drapes.

Wonder Walls

Wallpapers come handy to hide yellowed, soiled and damaged wooden panels of the bedroom, bathroom and kitchen inside your RV. Install patterned, plastic-coated contact papers on the walls of the bath and kitchen. Cover existing wallpapers in your bedroom with oversized paintings or framed family photographs. If nothing works, make a collage on the wall by cutting out old magazine pages.

The Furniture Fix

Replace your dinette with a longer station and use it to enjoy meals, work on your laptop, or even iron your clothes — all at a single place. This will let you do away with extra furniture that you had been using separately for each of these jobs. The result — you add a few more square feet to your living room space, making the interior look bigger and spacious.

Shine Chic

Finally, add a dash of sheen by polishing the wood panels. Incredible as it may sound, you could do it yourself with a generous dose of lemon oil! Use popular Boat Shine formula to remove ugly oxidation marks from surfaces, walls and appliances for a spanking clean look.

Giving a dated recreational vehicle a creative makeover can significantly enhance its value. The fact that such schemes need not necessarily be expensive, gives you more reasons to embark on such a project. So, get set, and get started today!