An RV awning is the most useful accessory for every recreational vehicle. Whether the sun is shining bright or whether it is raining outside, awnings provide travelers shelter to help them enjoy the great outdoors. , and to sell your RV at a good price. But, how do you know that your RV awning needs a replacement? Here are three signs to show that it’s time to replace your current one.

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1. Damaged Fabric has Rot, Mildew or Spots

Check your RV awning periodically, especially after every trip to understand how well the fabric is holding up over the years. If you notice rot, sticky mildew or unsightly brown stains, it’s time to replace the fabric. Invest in a new one if you find the fabric is ripped, torn or frayed.

2. Visible Hardware Damage

If you notice any visible damage like bends and dents to any part of the awning, it means that you need a new one. Structural issues may damage it further, causing it to break or bend. No customer will be interested in investing in your rig if he sees a damaged awning-hardware. So, make a note of this problem, and get it replaced to make your rig suitable for sale.

3. You Cannot Close the Awning Easily

If you struggle hard to close the awning, i.e., if it is not closing with the help of the hand crank, it’s high time you get the RV awning replaced. Awnings in the best condition must open and close easily, and without any effort. Invest in a new one if you have a tough time shoving it into place.

Keeping your used motor home and all its accessories in premium condition is the best way to initiate a successful deal. , contact us right away.

No matter how good a driver you are, scratches are something you just cannot avoid getting on your rig. It can be a mistake of yours while driving through a narrow lane or it can be the result of a careless driver coming from the opposite side of the road. Whoever is the culprit, . Moreover, if you are planning to sell it off, a scratch can diminish the value of the vehicle. So, here are a few steps to remove the mark from the surface of a motor home:

If your motor home is fitted with Seitz windows, you can get an acrylic polish from the manufacturer. This compound can get rid of light scratches from the surface of the RV.

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You can even try the following steps:

  • Your first step will involve removing the surface dirt, then masking the nearby trim with a tape.
  • Next, you need to put the compound on a piece of cloth and rub along the scratch, until the mark disappears. Make sure you have rubbed the compound properly and there are no white streaks or cloudiness on the area.
  • You will find mark remover in the market; get it when you are buying the rubbing compound. Apply it on the scratched area, using a new lint-free cloth.
  • Your scratch repairing job is done!

Before you start with the healing job, feel the scratch with your fingernail and study it. Do not forget to smoothen out the rough edges before applying the mark remover. Always use a separate piece of clean cloth to wipe the surface before moving to the next step. Once you are done with the removal part, polish the region carefully and apply wax. This will bring back the lost shine on your RV surface.

for more information.

As the demand of RV has increased, so have the number of scams. What’s more, fake sellers have become very cautious while dealing with buyers. They have kept a note of the existing market trends and often target young and enthusiastic travelers who recently got a taste of RV living. Luring them with a good deal is easy because they want to buy the latest RVs at the cheapest price. If you are planning to sell your RV, it is essential for you to . These will give you an idea of what you should not do to lose the confidence of the buyers.

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Pressurizing Trick

Most of the scammers pressurize the buyers during the sales pitch and the negotiation process. They keep on telling about other interested customers who are ready to purchase at the given price. You must refrain from using this tactic. If the buyer is interested, he will go ahead with the deal. Pressing him will put up a bad image of yours in the market, which may further delay the selling process.

Rebate Trick

Scammers usually attract buyers by promising them a good rebate. But once the deal is done, the buyers are informed that the rebates are no more applicable. In some cases, the scammers deny the rebate completely. So, if you are planning to sell your RV at a discounted rate, make sure you give them the promised price.

Requesting Unnecessary Information

There are many fake dealers, who ask unnecessary information from the buyers. For instance, they may ask a copy of the driver’s license, which is basically against the law. So it is recommended, when you are selling your RV try not to delve into confidential details that have no role in the deal. Rather, share with your buyer a vehicle history report, to earn his trust.

Thanks to these scammers, dealing with buyers has become a really tough job. So, it is better to be aware of these fake sellers and take careful steps to gain trust of the interested buyer.

If you want to stay away from these hassles, contact us. We can help you .

You may like the idea of having a skylight in your RV. But does that mean your buyer will like the same? Maybe he will, maybe he won’t. Why take chances?

Here are three ways to deal with such a situation:

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1. Paint It

This is the simplest and easiest way to get rid of unwanted light from entering the rig. But you should be very careful with your decision, because once you have painted the skylight with a dark color, it is hard to get back to a clean state. However, if you want the buyer to reuse the skylight, use plastic-safe spray paint. The elastic feature in the paint makes it easily removable, when dry.

2. Removable Vent

There is a cushion available in the market, which you can place directly in front of the skylight to block the light. These are known as vent cushion, which has an insulating ability to and warmer in the winter. So, on one hand you can block the excess light and on the other, you can keep your RV comfortable.

3. Install Curtain

This is one of the best ways to cut off the unwanted light. There is no need to paint or block the skylight using a cushion, just hang a curtain there. If your buyer wants, he can move the curtain to let the light in, and when he is done, the curtain can be drawn back to cut off the unwanted light. Just make sure, you hang a dark-colored drape to block light.

Skylight in an RV is a very beautiful thought because it lets in natural light inside the van. But you never know what your buyers are expecting. So talk about the features in your motor home, before you start covering the skylight. .

How can I make a quick RV resale? The answer is exposure. Now the next question is, how can you get the best exposure? A quick Google search would generate many results, but it is humanly impossible to try out every option out there. Plus, not everything is effective.

We have a better idea.

Why not introduce yourself as a friend to the buyer rather than a seller? This approach can keep you from narrating overly annoying sales pitches that lack depth and sincerity. How to do that? Well it is easy.

Just start a blog.

Blogging has several benefits. Here are a few of them.

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From the Marketing Perspective

Ultimately, your goal is to get the highest bid on your RV for which you would want to reach out to as many potential buyers as possible. And blogging has that covered. By writing relevant SEO blogs, you can stay on top of search engine results. How does that help you sell your RV? Well, whenever buyers try to search for the best , your site will pop up on the top and you will have the chance to get attention from multiple buyers.

From the Buyer’s Perspective

Sure, there are other marketing strategies that can get you exposure, but what they can’t offer you is the buyer’s trust. Blogging can help you get close to your buyers through social networking sites. Sharing stories about your adventurous RV life will point you out as a legitimate source that RVers can trust. And when you reveal you have an RV to sell, potential buyers among your audience will seriously consider getting a product from someone who is not just a salesman, but a fellow RVer and a friend.

First time RVers (who are your target demographic) would appreciate having someone to turn to for suggestions, before and after purchasing an RV. And your blog would be a far better choice for them than an unknown salesman who is likely to disappear after the sale. So, start a blog and reel in the buyers to .

There is just one flipside though. Starting a blog and gaining trust needs time and is not going to happen overnight. If you want to sell your RV fast, contact us and we will help you do just that.

Besides high performance and sleek look, your potential RV buyers also search for privacy in the vehicle. You might think that taking care of your RV cleanup and maintenance is enough to get you buyer’s attention, but a quick look at your competitors’ deals would send you in search of a competitive edge to . Privacy installations in your rig can really turn the wheel and make your deal look an appealing and complete one. Let us check a few privacy installation options that everyone is going for.


Privacy Curtains

Separating the driving area, the bed, and the stairs with curtains can make your RV more home-like. Plus, if your buyers are traveling with family, hanging curtains would add a little more privacy than a traditional RV can present. What’s more:

  • RV curtains come in stain and odor repelling fabric choices
  • And they are easy to wash

Now, after you have caught up with the benefits of adding curtains, you must be considering the investment requirement. Surely, you cannot invest a fortune to modify your RV before selling it. Curtains come in a variety of designs and is available at a wide range of price options.. And you do not need professional help to hang them either.

RV Shades

Another great privacy installation is shades for your RV. When your buyers are taking time off from the road, they do not need the prying eyes of strangers scrutinizing the RV interior. So, they would appreciate you adding the shades. You can pick either blinds or day/night shades for your RV. The price ranges from $5 to $100. These products offer benefits like

  • Easy installation
  • UV ray blocking facility
  • No drilling facility

So, make a wise and affordable RV modification choice with these privacy installations to win the hearts of your buyers. A well-equipped RV always gets the deserved attention. And if you are looking for some help with the selling part, .

Regardless of how carefully you have maintained your RV, you have to repair a few things to make it presentable to the buyers. It runs fine, most of the time is not really an effective sales pitch. So, repairing a few things that are prone to disruptive behaviors (after years of usage) is a wise choice. However, you also have to consider the expense of such an endeavor. Investing too much in your used RV just before selling can carve out a considerable chunk from your after-sales profit margins. But, ? That would definitely save you a pretty penny. Here we are listing three RV problems that anyone can handle.

Selling RV

Repairing RV Rubber Roof

Years of usage can get your RV rubber roofs torn and damaged. Things like tree branches, and low clearance bridges can shred the rubber membranes, exposing the RV interiors. You can use rubber roof patch-kits to cover these holes. These kits come with comprehensive and easy-to-follow instructions. However, you need to focus on the seams of the roof, as these areas are generally the first to show signs of damage. Go through your user manual and only pick a compatible rubber sealing patch for repairs.

Repairing the Window

After years of usage your RV windows can get lose around the hinges, letting rainwater inside. If the damage is considerable, you need to replace the old glass with a new one. By taking care of the repairing job yourself, you can still save a fortune. In order to replace the glass, you need to take the screws out carefully. To get the frame out of its socket, you can use a putty knife. Shed the old putty plastered in there to loosen the frame and the glass, and it will be easy to remove.

Fixing Toilet

Even the most expensive toilets can get out of order after years of usage. Damaged or hardened rubber seals at the bottom of the bowl or malfunctioning water valve, anything could be the reason for toilet problems in your RV. As long as the situation is not serious, you can repair it using the repair kit. You need to empty the bowl and turn off the water pressure. Then take out the screws that bolt the toilet to the floor. Now check the brand and model number of your toilet to follow the disassembly instructions appropriately. Change the seals if water doesn’t stay in your toilet bowl. Or change the water valve to maintain water pressure. Then put the toilet back together and bolt it to the floor again.

With comprehensive suggestions, it is easy to handle repair jobs without professional assistance. But, .

Before buying a pre-owned motor home, your prospect would want to make sure that your wheeled-machine is in tiptop condition. And you cannot blame them for that. After all, they have to make sure that they are not buying another person’s problems. All they need is confidence and peace of mind that the rig will give them many years of worry-free travel.

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As you can understand, mere words of mouth cannot be sufficient to gain your prospect’s trust. After all, they are not carrying lie-detector along with them so that they can say for sure that you are telling them nothing but the truth. The fact that most of the sellers deliberately hide facts makes it difficult for buyers to trust sellers. Not all sellers are unscrupulous though. Many of them really don’t know what might be wrong with their motor homes. So how to build the trust factor? How to make them feel confident? Well, this is where a certified RV inspection can help.

What Is Certified RV Inspection?

As far as any used vehicle is concerned, it is important for buyers to obtain a complete picture of the rig’s health. A gives you just that. It can help you detect a lemon. Such inspections are conducted by certified technicians, who have received many hours of hands-on training to detect and fix mechanical issues relating to an RV. Depending on the RV model, it may take three to six hours or even more to finish the task. At the end of the examination, the inspector hands over a computer-generated report. This document offers an unbiased, third-party view of the rig, which is up for sale.

How Does an RV Inspection Benefit the Buyers?

The unbiased opinion coming from a trained technician is no less than a clean chit about the health of your RV. It enables buyers to take decision with confidence. They don’t have to take the word of the seller – the report says it all. With the certificate stating the condition of the RV loud and clear, the possibility of putting money in an unfit vehicle is completely ruled out.

Selling a used vehicle for good cash calls for excellent salesmanship. And good salesmanship involves winning the buyers’ confidence. Obtain an RV inspection certificate to win your buyers’ trust, and sell quickly.