One of the biggest mistakes that RV-owners make when taking their rig to the market for sale is not paying attention to the bathroom condition. Take a close look at your RV bath and ask yourself “does it need a makeover?” If you are not sure how to get started with your remodeling project, consider the following factors:

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Add a Shower Enclosure

Install a shower enclosure in your motor home – it will immensely add to your rig’s value. However, first research the sizes to see which one would fit it properly. If it’s not a luxurious Class A or Class B motor home, don’t opt for a lavish spa-like shower; instead settle for an upright stand-in shower.

Rethink the Sink Location

Bathroom sinks are one of the commonest problem areas in an RV. You may not change it if it’s in a fine condition. However, a change in the placement can make a big difference. Is it ideally placed for convenient use? If not, change the placement. Install it in a spot where you can access it and use it comfortably.

Replace a Shower Curtain with a Shower Door

You’ll always end up with small puddles on the floor if you use a shower curtain. But, you can avoid the mess with a shower door.

Upgrade Your Water Heater

A 10-gallon water heater is an item that will definitely lure many buyers to your rig. Unlike a smaller 6-gallon version, this bigger water heater will allow you to run the water continually.

Insulate the Bathroom

and that is through insulation. Barring a few, manufacturers rarely offer good insulating features. Invest in this area and it will prevent bathroom faucets from getting cracky during the colder months. Buyers will appreciate this improvement as you point it to them.

Rethink the Decor

You might have been using your rig for years; why not contemporize the décor for today’s buyers? You may not need to break the bank to give it a design boost. With some planning and research, you can enhance the rig’s appeal by a few notches.

When revamping the bathroom, tread carefully. Put your feet in buyers’ shoes and use your common sense to think of what your buyers might want. Avoid expensive renovations. By planning intelligently, you can significantly enhance the look and feel of your RV bath for less, and subsequently clinch a lucrative deal. fast.

You must agree that traveling in an RV has its share of advantages. However, you are hard-pressed for space and find it difficult to fit all your basic household appliances. The small size of the RV kitchen does not allow for amenities like regular sized freezers and refrigerators, nor can you install counter tops and cupboards. What do you do then? There is no need for you to miss out on the comforts of home and sacrifice handy cooking equipment. Read on to find out more on how you can .

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1. Casserole Dish

This is a thick-walled cooking pot with a fitted lid that is perfect for slow cooking casseroles, stews and roasts. You can take this item camping and prepare breads, pies, pizzas, cakes, and biscuits over the campfire. Casserole dishes are available in a wide range of sizes and colors.

2. Portable Grill

Portable grills do not make much of a mess and they grill your food in pouches, leaving the fat and grease at the bottom. You can use this appliance on a regular basis to cook healthy meals and avoid extensive cleanup afterwards.

3. Mini Coffee Maker

This mini coffee maker is just the right size for the kitchen in your RV and you can brew tea, coffee, cocoa or any iced beverage under two minutes. The best part is that mini coffee maker models do not require any filters and so they make zero mess.

4. Mini Mixer

You should get a mini mixer for your RV kitchen to replace your coffee grinder, blender and food processor. The size of the appliance is really small and it you can operate it very easily. You can prepare delicious drinks, chop up onions, and create amazing dips – all with the help of a single device.

If you have an RV, all you require are four main tools that can be stored easily and allow you to cook great meals easily on the road. Enjoy your RV trips and when you are ready to , contact us right away.

There is no doubt that vinyl graphics on your RV look cool. They afford a certain amount of flexibility in terms of customization and you can get them for cheap. However, if you are planning to , it is recommended that you take down the old vinyl graphics to increase the value of your vehicle. Why? Because not everyone appreciates vinyl graphics.. Learn more about the different options to discard old vinyl graphics from your RV body.

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Using the Right Tool for the Job

Pulling the vinyl graphics off from your RV is the easiest method to get rid of them. This task may sound easy, but you need to use the right tools that allow you to pry open the corners of the graphic. You Use plastic razor blades that are not only inexpensive, but are also easily available. You can slide these thin, plastic tools under the vinyl edge and slowly scrape it off the surface without causing any damage to the substrate. However, the type and age of the vinyl graphic plays a big role in the success of this process.

The more pliable and younger the vinyl graphics, the easier it will be to remove the large chunks. As the graphics get older, they will become brittle and peel off in tiny pieces. In the latter situation, you should warm the face film using a heat gun to soften the underlying adhesive and decrease the amount of work necessary to clear the substrate.

Removal of Residue

No matter how you remove the vinyl graphics, there is bound to be adhesive residue. You can remove this residue from your RV body by using certain substances that attack the chemical bonds of the adhesive, thereby allowing you to effortlessly wipe it off the substrate.

Removing vinyl graphics is not a time-consuming task if you have the right set of tools and employ the correct techniques. And it’s important you do it to . You should get in touch with us if you wish to learn more on how you can sell your RV easily once you are ready for it.

RV-ers will attest to the fact that upgrades and additions are a great way to attract potential buyers. Given that presently the most active RV buyers are all millennials, you need to be smart when it comes to your choice of improvements. You don’t want to end up losing money in the process, but at the same time, you have to sweeten the pot just enough to hook clients. One of the most overlooked aspects is the lighting fixtures in your pantry. The pantries in most RV models are equipped with normal fluorescent lights. These might have served your needs, but if you are planning a sale, it is time for a replacement. Millennials are an eco-friendly bunch and so in the kitchen pantry. Here’s how it helps:

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Need for Proper Lighting in the Pantry

The pantry in your RV serves a utilitarian role and is used for the storage of dry grocery items and heavier objects like cans, bottles, and books. Most RV designs include the pantry in the middle as this section sustains the least bouncing motion on the road. Size constraints dictate that the pantry occupy a small area in the RV and so most of the time RV-ers do not pay close attention to the kind of lighting installed in the pantry. However, poor lighting can affect visibility in the pantry and it would inconvenience you considerably after some time.

Advantages of Using LED Fixtures

LED lamps may be expensive, but they are worth every penny because of their generous output coupled with the low consumption of electricity. They end up saving a lot of money for the user with regular usage and are ideal for green enthusiasts. Moreover, the installation process for these lights is quite easy and you would not have to waste much of your time on them. Another major selling point is the fact that LED lights are cooler than regular halogen lights. This will ensure that your pantry retains a pleasant atmosphere at all times.

To learn more on how you can improve the resale value of your RV, check out our other helpful blogs. in a hassle-free manner.

Consisting of a collection of still photos and video clips, a virtual tour aims at simulating a particular location. With an incredible 360-degree view of the rig and the zoom-in and zoom-out feature, a well-made video tour gives buyers a life-size feel as they sit in front of their monitor scurrying through thousands of ads in a listing site. For buyers, it’s nothing short of a virtual walk through your rig. And what does it mean for you? Well, a thoughtfully interactive tour gives you the opportunity to show off your marketing acumen. However, a boring display of a few point-and-shoot photographs of your motor home won’t achieve much, but done right, it can go a long way to convey the real charms of your mobile home, and highlight USP. Wondering how to do that? Well here come the tips:

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Showcase the Floor Plan

In order to make buyers get a sense of how the interior of your rig looks like, you can add interactive floor plans along with your video. These are nothing but illustrated maps that let buyers click on particular spots and see a video clip right from that position. You can use tools like floorplansonline, TourVista or to add this feature.

Point Out the Possibilities

Why leave things to your prospects’ imagination? Use a virtual decoration software like Obeo’s StyleDesigner and allow your prospects to click on a particular image and redo the decor and see the effect.

Use a Lot of Images

Add more photos, as it can go a long way to improve the efficacy of your virtual tour. However, don’t compromise on the picture quality. Use the right tool to enable users to view it on the backdrop they want.

Think Three-Dimensional

Use Microsoft’s Photosynth stitching technology to transform your two-dimensional clicks into a navigable 3D image. You can also use IPIX immersive images, but the free software from Microsoft makes a better choice as it allows you to create a virtual tour from images clicked with just about any digital camera.

Most people post good photos when it comes to advertising their RVs on listing sites. Beat your competitors by creating a top-notch virtual tour and make your rig come alive on the web. If you need further help to , get in touch with us.

As a , your motto would be to reach out to a larger audience, and a few improvements can extend your reach dramatically. Take LED lighting for an example. A LED-enhanced unit is particularly attractive to dry campers. How? Dry camping enthusiasts have to run on reserve power. Therefore, they always look for tricks and hacks that can help them avoid draining on their RV batteries and help extend their lives. One easy way to do that is to replace your regular lights with LEDs. Thus with an LED upgrade, you will be able to attract both group of buyers – the ones opting for hook-ups, and the ones who prefer an unplugged stay in the wilderness. An LED upgrade can add to your rig’s value several other ways. Some of these are as follows:

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  • Did you know that it takes more than five years for an LED light to run out, even if you leave it on 24/7? So what if LED lights cost significantly more than incandescent lights? With a 50,000-hour life expectancy, LED lights literally mean a one-time buy.
  • You can achieve huge amperage saving with LED lights. While an incandescent bulb uses 1.5 Amps, an LED uses only 0.1 Amps. In fact, you can run 11 LED lights with the same amount of power as one incandescent bulb.
  • Since they are cool, LED lights make excellent choice as task lights, such as reading lights.
  • LEDs are very small. Thus, they are fit for installation in the small and compact areas, where incandescent bulb cannot be used due to heat or space constraints.

When it is time to prep your RV for a sales presentation, an LED upgrade can enhance both function and looks of your RV, adding real value to it. Want to learn about more tricks that can ? Simply get in touch with us.

What’s even worse than welcoming your prospective buyers into a cluttered RV? Welcoming them into an RV that smells of state food and unclean refrigerator. , here are a few things that you must do:

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Remove RV Kitchen and Bathroom Smell

When your home-on-wheels is not in use, water in the P-traps below each shower and sink becomes the breeding place of bacteria. With time, the foul odor spreads throughout your motor home. Get rid of such smell by mixing a gallon of water with one cup of baking soda. Pour some of the mixture in each drain, and dump the rest into the sink so that it goes into the vehicle’s waste water-tank.

Remove Bad Smelling Fresh Water Tank

You fill up your fresh water tank, but soon find that the water smells foul. This is inevitable as many parts of the US have water that contains sulfur. Remove the pungent smell by sanitizing your RV’s portable water tank with a mixture of water and ordinary bleach. Make sure that the mixture is dilute. If hard water is a common problem where you live, install a water purifier.

Get Rid of RV Pet and Carpet Odors

Get a professional carpet cleaner to address your RV’s carpet and pet odors. After every motor home trip or before storing the vehicle, clean it thoroughly, and spray all carpets and upholstery with quality odor-eliminating products.

Motor home odors are an annoying problem. Make sure you get rid of foul smells to make your rig ready for sale. . We will help you get a reasonable price for your used home-on-wheels.

Selling your RV? Great! But, why not encourage your kids to go for a camping trip before selling your used home-on-wheels? That’s the perfect way to bond with your kids, enjoy the great outdoors and create lasting memories. With a little planning, you can hit the roads and have a great time. How? .

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1. Believe in Traditions

Share stories, recount anecdotes, sing a song, play a game, or simply build a campfire at night after having your dinner. Traditions such as these will help you better connect with your kids. You can even ask your child to maintain a journal and write about the beautiful time you spent together.

2. Let Your Kids Participate in Interesting Activities

Encourage your children to participate in some interesting activities. For example, the whole family can go for hiking, explore the spots close to the campsite or do some fishing by a lake. Ask your kid to draw pictures of what he saw during the journey. Another fun activity is geocaching. Keep a planner. It’s the best way to ensure that everyone in the family gets an opportunity to participate in their favorite activities.

3. Educate Your Kids

Who says that you can only learn from textbooks? Spending time in nature is a great way your kids can learn new things. Parents can teach their children about the flora of the place, weather conditions, sharing responsibilities, teamwork, problem solving skills, and survival strategies.

Spend some wonderful moments with your kids on your next camping trip. And, when you are back home, and have some questions or .