You’re in the market to sell your RV. You’ve got a good vehicle that works perfectly, is clean, and has all the basic amenities. Still, you’re finding it hard to generate a lot of interest. Why do you think that is? One word – incentive! There are thousands of other people trying to unload their motor homes, and most of them are in “good condition.” So, why should buyers choose yours? What sets your vehicle apart from the rest? These are the important questions to ask yourself if you want to turn your fortune around and grab the attention of buyers. There are to give it some extra pizzazz. Individually they might not seem like much, but when combined together they form a killer deal that is too good to pass up. So what are these? Read on to learn more.

Sell Your RV

Modified Back Doors

Part of the charm of an RV lies in camping outdoors, and most RV-ers prefer heading to remote locations to experience nature in all its glory. So, the more open a particular unit is the better the experience will be. Modern RV models, however, have a box enclosing a blind on the back doors which does not exactly present a weatherproof option. It is obviously better if you opt to switch to synthetic fabric curtains that match your front curtains and easily slide on tacks over the back door glass. They were earlier available as replacement parts for older motor home models. You can easily find them in stores.The simple addition of OEM plastic panels on your window provides you with a complete, weatherproof finish for the back doors of your RV. A larger section of glass will also remain exposed in comparison to the current models which feature blinds in an enclosure. This is sure to be a major point of attraction for prospective buyers.

Outside Showers

Outside showers in an RV may be functional, but they look ugly and ruin the entire aesthetic appeal of the vehicle. If your motor home is equipped with one, fret not – a simple paint job and some retooling takes care of the problem. Outsiders,who are not familiar with your RV, won’t be able to tell the difference, but you will still have a working setup in place.

Wind Deflectors

Wind deflectors on traditional RVs are nothing to write home about. A few additional installations, however, will not only enhance the functionality, but will also increase the value of your vehicle. You can take two wind deflector halves and install them with a few inches to spare in the middle so that they become wide enough to hide everything that goes on behind the deflector.

These changes may not seem like much, but together they create a very appealing package for buyers. Now that you know what you need to do to draw more buyers, it’s time to get down to business. When , give us a call and we’ll connect you to the right buyers.

It is often difficult to get hold of fresh water when you are camping outdoors. Almost all the RV-ers know how important it is to store adequate amounts of fresh water in the vehicle. That is one of the reasons why you must have a fresh water tank that is able to contain enough water. Here are the in such a way that the stored water remains safe and clean for a long period:

Cleaning Your RV

Prepping the RV for Sanitation

You might think that sanitizing an RV is a whole lot of work, but you can complete the job in under an hour. To begin sanitizing your motor home’s fresh water tank, you must plug your vehicle into an electric hookup so that the batteries get fully charged. This will help you power the pump later on while cleaning out your fresh water tank. You need to switch your water heater off and remove any anti-freeze from the pipes since cold water works best for this task. You should also open the drain valve of your gray water tank and check the levels to prevent overflow.

How to Sanitize Your RV for Fresh Water Storage?

Switch your water pump off and then open the valve of your fresh water tank. Let all the stored water drain out. Now, you need to mix one cup of tank cleaner or bleach with a gallon of water and pour the solution into the empty fresh water tank using a funnel. Make sure you replace the valve on your fresh water tank and turn on the water pump. You must fill your fresh water tank with water. As soon as the tank becomes full, you have to turn on all water outlets in your RV. Turn them off when the smell of bleach becomes overpowering. Make sure your fresh water tank gets filled with cold water and then let the water sit for almost 8 to 12 hours. After this period, turn on every water outlet in your vehicle and let the water run until the bleach-odor goes away. You then need to refill your fresh water tank and keep flushing the water out until you become certain that the bleach has been removed entirely. You have to refill your fresh water tank with clean water when you plan to use your RV next. If your RV is going into storage, empty out the water in the tank.

RV owners must make it a point to sanitize their RV fresh water tank at least once every six months if they wish to enjoy clean, unpolluted water on the road. This setup requires minimal effort and the effects last a considerable amount of time. Just sanitize your RV once before you put it on the market for sale and then see how your motor home stands out to the prospective buyers. Once you have taken care of these aspects and , contact us.

Selling your RV might be a difficult prospect if it gives off a persistent, vile stench even after your best cleaning efforts. What do you do in this case? Buyers will never go for a vehicle that repulses them, especially when they are willing to pay good money for a used motor home. It’s time you think beyond those cheap room fresheners and undertake the unsavory task of . Although you might balk at the thought, it is unavoidable if you wish to sell your RV.

Sell Your RV

Understanding the Reasons for the Smell

An RV black water holding tank tends to emit bad smells if you do not clean it thoroughly. Toilet wastes become encrusted to the walls of the tank stubbornly and they refuse to go even when you dump the contents. Liquids present within the tank usually assist in loosening up solid wastes, but if they’re removed before time, the amount of liquid might not be sufficient to eliminate the waste.

How to Deal With the Problem?

Proper potty training for kids: Small children and infants must be potty trained. Otherwise, they will use the toilet without adding any water to the toilet bowl.

Using the right toilet paper: The use of cheap quality toilet paper can often clog the tank and cause bad smell. This is why you must use biodegradable toilet paper for an RV.

Prevention of leakage: Leakage of black water is yet another reason behind RV odor. If you find any cracks in the tank, make sure to have the valves replaced by a professional plumber.

Use of the Right Cleaning Tools

You should use tank-treatment chemicals correctly to eradicate the smell of black water from your RV. The amount of chemicals to be used depends upon the size of the tank. A minimum of one gallon of water needs to be added to ensure that solid wastes get properly dissolved. Too many chemicals may lead to foaming, further blocking the RV.

The decision to sell your RV might be easy but sprucing it up and ensuring that it looks and smells good enough to attract buyers takes time and energy. You must clean your black water holding tank thoroughly to remove all nefarious smells from permeating the interiors of your RV and putting off buyers. When , get in touch with us and we’ll help you out.

Do you know what is often missing from RV-ing? The R factor. In other words, recreation. It is sadbut true that in most cases there’s very little recreation going on unless you count driving from one location to another as entertainment. Most RV sellers forget that are interested in a motor home due to a sense of adventure and excitement. If they have to spend hours cooped up in an enclosed space without any entertainment options, it could take a toll on their patience and make them irritable by the time they reach their destination. The solution? Board games. This might be the last thing that comes to your mind, but the results are surprising. Throw in a few board games when trying to sell your RV to sweeten the pot. So what are a few good games? Read on to find that out.

Buying RVs


Scrabble is a classic game that is both fun and educational. The game needs a minimum of two players. If there are more than four people, you may form teams. Players win by creating high scoring words using seven tiles that they draw at random. The enduring popularity of scrabble showcases just how entertaining this game is and it can keep RV-ers occupied for hours.


Uno is a colorful and exciting game that can appeal to both adults as well as kids. This means that the entire family can play together while traveling in an RV, ensuring hours of fun. This game is very easy to learn since it consists mainly of going around the table and placing cards of the same number or color onto the discard pile.


Monopoly is a complex game that allows players to experience the thrill of owning property and collecting rent as well as the despair of going to jail and losing all the money. A great time-killer, you won’t even notice how long the drive is.


For fans of murder mysteries, Clue is a treat. This game allows you to become a character and collect clues. You have to ask questions to solve the murder. Promoting logical thinking and relying on memory skills, this game is fun with a capital F.

Board games are easy to set up and you don’t have to deal with the hassle of locating an electricity source for powering them on like video game consoles or charging them like smart phones. Plus, the old school charm is hard to beat and your buyers are sure to love this added touch to the RV deal. So, invest just a little bit of money and get some great games for the family. Once you’re ready to , let us know and we can assist you with the process.

Have you decided to sell your RV and bring home a new model? First, you will have to prepare your rig for a sales presentation. The first important step in is to get your RV’s water storage tanks clean and sanitized. When left unattended for a long time, the water in these tanks becomes slimy and algae grow on the tank surface. When a prospect comes to visit your RV, turns open the tap, and foul-smelling water starts flowing, it will be enough to make him decide to leave your RV right then. Therefore, it’s definitely a good idea to first ensure that your RV has a safe water system.

Sell Your RV

Here is a step-by-step guide to sanitize your tank:

1. More often than not, residual water is commonly found in the water heater. It is important to first drain this excess water, and in order to do this you will have to release the heater’s pressure relief valve. Now, open the drain which you can typically find on the bottom left hand corner of the heater. Keep it open until all the water drains out.

2. Next, move on to the fresh water tank and drain the remaining water in it. By using a pump, you can easily force all the water out. Don’t turn off the pump until the tank is completely drained. When there is no more water left, turn off the pump and close all the drains.

3. In the next step, you must fill up the tank with a mixture of bleach and water. To create the solution, mix one cup of bleach to 15-gallons of water. When performing this process, don’t fill the tank to the neck. Let the solution sit in the tank. Now, open all the faucets and let the water drain out automatically. The entire RV interior may smell of bleach, but let it remain this way for another 12 hours.

4. Drain the water as described in step number 3, and refill the tank. Now again, open the faucets to release the remaining water.

5. You should repeat the process until your water system stops smelling of bleach. You may need to repeat the process quite a few times. It may take some time, but after the completion of the entire process, you can be rest assured that your RV water-holding tanks are clean and sanitized.

When your RV is up for sell, customers will come and examine your RV in many different ways. They would definitely not like to buy a unit that has a filthy water system. On the contrary, a little effort at cleaning your holding tanks will obviously create a good impression in your prospects’ minds.

Need any other help to sell your rig? We can help to . Get in touch with us.

It’s a great idea to sell your used RV if it is just sitting in your garage. But first, why not go for a foodelicious road trip before you part with your dated rig? Unsure of where to go? You can take a South Jersey road trip as this place gets a lot of attention when it comes to delicious, cheese-dripping pizzas topped with meaty delights. :


Pizza Amore, Delran

Pizza Amore in the Delran township is a family-owned store. It was opened in 1998. This pizza stop receives a lot of word-of-mouth publicity from pizza lovers and food aficionados. Choose from Sicilian or plain crusts topped with delicious cheese.

Milanese Pizza, Riverton

You’ll find this old-world pizzeria right in front of a two-story house under the shade of a tree. Milanese Pizza in Riverton is known for its bread and breakfast specialty. Enjoy some of the best pizzas here such as the cheesy, crunchy grandma slice.

Pete’s Pizza, Columbus Market

Here you can taste some of the best pan pizzas. You’ll love the tomato slices and the super sweet sauce. This pizza joint has a counter where you can sit and savor delicious slices with your family and friends. The fresh and tangy taste of the tomato pizzas will feel like heaven when you take a bite.

To find some of the cheesy, heavenly slices, you will have to explore a few back roads, look in basement eateries or saunter into what appears to be someone’s house. Enjoy delicious pizzas on your way, and capture these moments on your camera. Put these snaps on display while posting your ad to sell your RV. If you want further right away.

Sometimes, the best thing about a road trip includes the uncommon roadside attractions on the way. before you decide to sell your motor home? Make it a point to visit them with your loved ones. Here are some of the weirdest American museums that you would love to see before selling your RV.


Warren Anatomical Museum

The Warren Anatomical Museum in Boston is known for its unique exhibits like Phineas Gage’s skull. This man was a victim of a railroad accident in which a big iron rod was driven through his head. Though Gage survived this mishap and told people about the incident, the injury had an adverse effect on his life and personality. Visit this museum to see Warren’s research collection and personal teaching. He began collecting these in 1799. Today, the museum houses 15,000 or more artifacts.

Maple Syrup Museum

Vermont has some natural landscape, and is popular for its maple syrup. This New England museum sits on the Green Mountains’ foothills and is an interesting place to visit. You’ll come to learn about the history of maple syrup, how trees were incised and maple products extracted before the advent of technology and machinery. The Maple Syrup Museum will tell you how sugar was manufactured by Native Americans. You can even buy maple syrup products at the gift shop.

Mystery Spot Michigan Museum

This place has some interesting history associated with it. Fred, Clarence, and McCray, three surveyors chanced upon this spot in Michigan. They found that their surveying tools stopped working in this spot because the rules of gravity simply didn’t hold true here. This inspired the setting up of a tourist spot right there. Take an interactive tour of the Mystery Spot Michigan Museum with your family and friends.

Visit these weird, quirky, and offbeat museums on your next American road trip before selling your RV. If you . We will help you clinch the right deal.

Selling your home-on-wheels? Before you sell, make sure you share sufficient information about your RV’s battery box with your prospective customers. because without them there won’t be any power. A battery box is indispensable to protect them from external elements. Here are some of the important details that you must share about a battery box with an RV buyer before selling your vehicle:

Sell Your RV

What Is an RV Battery Box?

It is a lightweight box that has a case to shield the batteries from gasoline, water, or any other fluid that may seep into the vehicle’s engine compartment and damage the cells. These boxes are lightweight but durable as they are manufactured from strong polypropylene to keep hazardous liquids out.

Types of Batteries

Normally, most RVs use two types of batteries. One is used to start the rig’s engine and the other for running deep cycle applications such as water and lights when the motor home is turned off. Batteries for starting the engine are 12 volts. You should not use these for deep cycle applications. The deep cycle batteries are also known as ‘coach batteries.’ They are six volts, and can sustain energy for a longer time.

Battery Box Features

The evident feature of any battery box is its capacity to accommodate different RV batteries. Most of the batteries have their own box while the rest are designed to fit into the boxes. If a customer wants to use dual-purpose cells, he must look for a dual battery box.

Quality and patented boxes have locking tabs that protect the entire box from outside elements. They also come with holes to let the cables in. They should be resistant to oil, acid, extreme weather conditions, and ultra-violet exposure. Battery boxes are also smartly designed to allow for sufficient ventilation. They are temperature-resistant and can withstand extreme temperatures of 120 degrees or negative 20 degrees Fahrenheit. There are some varieties that can even sustain temperatures as low as negative 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Share this useful information about the battery box with a customer before selling off your rig. Your prospective buyer will appreciate the effort. If you and at a good price, contact us right away.

The 469-mile picturesque highway via North Carolina and Virginia offers some stunning views of the marvelous roadside when the leaves change colors during the fall. Besides scenic beauty, the Blue Ridge Parkway is also known for its craft beer. So, if you love to drink delicious craft beer, you must . What places should feature on your itinerary? Let us help you out.

Selling your RV


The city of Roanoke in Virginia is a convenient 90 miles away from Afton. You’ll find the Soaring Ridge Craft Brewers offering six varieties of beer and a few seasonal refreshments for you to taste. We would recommend that you enjoy the beverages with some tasty food from the food trucks that cruise this place. We recommend the White Top White Ale. It tastes awesome!


Visit the Blue Mountain Brewery located at the northern tip of the Blue Ridge Parkway in Afton. Beer lovers frequent this place as it’s famous for its premium craft beer. The brewery produces as much as 2,500 barrels of the beverage every year. You’ll also find an on-site restaurant where you can spoil your taste buds with a few yummy delights.


Galax is a small town of 7,000 residents. Visit the Creek Bottom Brewing, a local brewery, on the way. This is one of the popular beer stores in the area, featuring live bands and beer tasting events for your amusement. You’ll also find a brick pizza oven close by. You have more than one reason to visit if you love eating deliciously made pizzas.

Take a trip to the Blue Ridge Parkway if you’re interested in tasting some of the finest beers from the most awesome breweries. Enjoy the journey, and when you are back home and .