Just imagine what happens when you hit the showroom with the intention of buying an automobile. A sales rep receives you and walks you around, showing you various features of the cars and telling you how each of them can help enhance your driving experience. A good salesman knows how to make his customers fall for a certain car. Now that you are trying to sell your RV online, can you emulate the tricks of these real-life sales people? Yes, surely you can; with the help of technology. Use a YouTube video ad to attract your buyers. If done right, an audio-visual advert can give RV-shoppers a sense that they are standing just in front of your motor home, listening to you as you narrate the various attributes of your motor home.Video clips allow your prospects to take a from the privacy of their homes. No wonder, according to YouTube spokespersons, on an average day, a search for the phrase ‘used cars’ produces 256,000 hits on the site.Want to leverage this popularity in reaching out to a wider audience? Here are a few tips that will help you create compelling video ads:

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  • Find an attractive, low-traffic location to shoot your RV. Record the video just before the sunset to take advantage of the twilight glow. Shooting at this hour will also help you keep shadows out of the shots.
  • Write a script in advance. Instead of enumerating the features of your rig bluntly, tell your visitors a story – the story of a reliable travel companion that helped fulfill your urge of seeing the world. However, don’t forget to provide them with the necessary info like the vehicle’s year, make, model, and the current mileage.
  • Don’t make it too long; your prospects may lose patience. A two-minute video will be good enough for you to present your rig in an attractive manner. Also, shoot it in one continuous take to avoid the need for editing.
  • Don’t post the very first version you shoot; film it multiple times. Review all the clippings and upload the one that you find the best.
  • Don’t include the information that might be changing (such as asking price) in the video. You would not like to create the video all over again, will you?
  • You can use software programs to add a professional touch to your videos on YouTube. For example, use the Film or a Video Editor to adjust your video’s hue, contrast, brightness, and color saturation. You can also use Adobe’s post production software After Effects. It will let you enhance your video even long after it is filmed. Although a long take is always preferred, you can use the nonlinear software called Final Cut Pro to edit some portions of your video ad.

It is beyond any doubt that YouTube can be a powerful channel for showcasing your used motor home. Our tips will help you create an excellent video ad for the channel which is visited by millions every day. However, if you want to avoid the hassle of going through the selling process all by yourself and dealing with potential customers, contact us. .

Many of our clients are people who first tried selling their RVs through consignment but soon gave up as they found the process frustrating. If you are considering the consignment option, maybe you should set your expectations right. The following article will help you understand what could possibly go ‘wrong’:

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1. Unable to Use Your Rig

During the consignment agreement, you’ll not be allowed to use your home-on-wheels. This is a frustrating experience because you are still the owner of the vehicle, but cannot enjoy the benefits or convenience that come with RV-ing. Even if you have thought of a short weekend trip to one of the Florida State Parks, you cannot do so.

2. No Advance Payment

You are not entitled to any payment upfront. Whether you will receive any payment or not will depend on the consignment agency that will sell your motor home. What does this mean? Well, the company will have possession of your rig for several weeks or months before you can pocket any of the cash.

3. Be Prepared to Pay More Fees

You will end up paying a flat fee or commission besides the additional charges for any repairs, upgrades, or cleaning that is essential when your vehicle is on the consignment lot. These costs will reduce your profit when the rig is sold to a customer.

We would advise you to avoid selling your RV through a consignment company. . We will price your RV precisely and reasonably, and pay you cash on the spot.

Nothing hurts an RV sale more than a faulty or damaged part. Potential buyers are going to be spending a lot of money on your vehicle and it makes sense for them to go over the entire vehicle with a fine-tooth comb to . Thus, if you’re planning on selling your motor home, you need to ensure that all the parts – even the ones that seem insignificant – are in proper working condition. One such part is the windshield washer nozzle. In this blog, we discuss the right way to replace a faulty nozzle for your motor home.

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Function of a Windshield Washer Nozzle

Designed for spraying washer fluid onto your windshield in a directional mist, most washer nozzles can be found on the RV body between the windshield and the hood. Some models are mounted on the windshield itself. When you switch on the nozzle sprayer, the windshield gets sprayed with washer fluid. Unfortunately, when the washer nozzle gets damaged, the washer fluid spreads all over your windshield. In some cases, you can see washer fluid leaking from the nozzle. And if you can see it, your buyer will probably see it as well. This is why you need to replace this component at once.

What You Need

  • Needle-nosed pliers
  • Medium flathead screwdriver
  • Side cutters
  • Wire strippers
  • Wire crimpers
  • Butt connectors
  • Flashlight
  • Replacement Method

    Removing the Windshield Washer Nozzle

    Use the needle-nosed pliers to cautiously remove the windshield washer nozzle line. The screwdriver will help you push in the tabs on the washer nozzle and pop it out. If your vehicle’s windshield wipers have heaters attached to them, it’s important to remove the harness. Some harnesses do not feature disconnect plugs; you will need to use side cutters to cut the wires. Expose the bare wires underneath using wire strippers. This comes in handy during the installation of a new washer nozzle.

    Installation of a New Windshield Washer Nozzle

    Start by popping the new washer nozzle into the exact spot you removed the damaged one from. Connect the line to the new nozzle. If there was a retaining clamp attached to the line, use needle-nosed pliers to put it back. If your RV has a heater, you need to reattach the heater harness and reconnect the wires. If you need to cut the wires, butt connectors with heat shrinking tubes can help you. Wire crimping tools allow you to crimp the wires that connect to the butt connectors. Once you’re done, tug at the wires to ensure they won’t come apart.

    It’s now time to test the nozzle. When you operate the windshield washer lever or switch, the nozzle should spray a strong mist onto your windshield.

    When you have completed replacing the windshield washer nozzle in your RV, you can put up the vehicle up for sale. We can help you with the sale process. .

    Suppose you’ve been wooing a prospective RV buyer the past few weeks. The deal’s as good as done, and they’re here for the final inspection. Their reactions to the kitchen space and the bedroom have been positive, and you’re confident this deal’s in the bag. But, the moment they walk into the bathroom, their expressions change. You soon get a call saying the sale fell through. What went wrong? One word – smell. Malfunctioning bathroom vents often . That’s not the worst part – neglected bathroom vents trap the moisture inside, causing it to seep into the bathroom and wall cabinetry, leading to mold growth. This is why it’s necessary to clean your bathroom vents thoroughly before selling. Here’s how:

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    How to Disengage Bathroom Vents

    After switching off your exhaust fan, make sure you pat it using a dry cloth. Unscrew the fan and remove the grill. If the outer plate remains embedded in the adjoining wall, it needs to be loosened with a knife. Now you’ll have no trouble disconnecting all the wires. Take the fan unit out and unscrew any screws attaching the metal bracket. You must unplug any wires that have been hardwired into the motor unit.

    Cleaning Method

    Carefully place the fan blades as well as the motor on a dry towel. Now, use a small paintbrush or an old toothbrush to scrape off the dirt gently. This method is effective just for the upper surface. Attach a small nozzle to the hose of your vacuum cleaner to suck out any sticky debris that may cling to the vent.

    Next, you should prepare a cleaning mix. All you need are kitchen/bathroom cleaners and water. Immerse the disengaged air vents inside this solution to remove any mildew and tar-like debris that may have accumulated on the insides of the blades. After 10 minutes, take out the vent parts. Use a sponge to wipe each part and then dry them using a towel. Leave them out in the sun for a minimum of two hours so that any moisture is dried up. You can now reinstall the fan unit.

    There are no complicated materials involved in cleaning a bathroom vent. You only need to repeat this process once every six months, and your RV bathroom vents will no longer collect moisture. Once you are done cleaning your bathroom vents,you are one step closer to selling your RV. for a quick RV sale.

    If you have finally decided to bid your old travel buddy goodbye, spend some time to get it sale-ready. There is no need to go for a complete overhaul; just a few low-cost upgrades can give your home-on-wheels an instant facelift. Here are five brilliant ideas you should try:

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    Extra Shelves

    Even if your rig has a lot of cabinet space, you can still add more storage in the form of shelves. For example, your rig must have some space above the bed or window. Utilize this area by installing a handmade shelf. How to make it? Easy. Grab a few pieces of leftover plywood – you can find them in your local carpentry – and a couple of robust steel or copper bars. Screw-fix the wooden shelves on the spare walls and create a fence in the front with the rod. This simple trick is meant to hold your books (or other stuff) in place when the RV is on the move. Install as many of the shelves as the space permits – your buyers would love the idea.

    Organization Stations

    Small details can go a long way to impress your buyers. For example, a few organization stations installed throughout the RV can easily make your customers fall in love with your rig, especially if they like their things to be in order.

    Ceiling With A New Look

    Instead of investing in a lot of time and energy to paint the ceiling, simply cover it with a new wallpaper. Choose solid-colored wallpaper in bright hues. This will add depth and brightness to your rig’s interior.

    Mirror Installation

    Mirrors are inexpensive, but they can do wonders in adding space and personality to your mobile home. You can install them anywhere. Regardless of its location, a mirror can add to the charm by creating a great illusion of space.

    Flooring Innovation

    Let the old shabby tiles go; introduce vinyl plank flooring, instead. These affordable yet aesthetically pleasing flooring solutions will completely transform the look and feel of your old rig without breaking your bank. If you don’t have the time to change flooring for the entire RV, use vibrant rugs for other spaces, especially the kitchen areas.

    While prepping your RV for a sales presentation, remember that what your buyers appreciate the most in a mobile home is a neat and clean and well-organized interior. Follow our tips to achieve just that. If you need further assistance in selling your home or need to sell your RV for instant cash, contact us here.

    All machines, including your RV, need preventive maintenance. In the world of automobile, this term is used to signify the practice of servicing vehicles on schedule so that any potential problem can be identified and addressed accordingly. Such compulsory care routines can go a long way in reducing the risks of sudden breakdown and malfunctioning or failure of a component or system, allowing the unit to run efficiently over its useful lifecycle. Such value too. Whether you plan to sell off your motor home after a few years of purchase or want to keep it for at least 10 years or more, do not deprive your vehicle of the preventive maintenance that it needs. Here is what preventive maintenance for an RVconsists of:

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    • Ideally, a preventive care routine for your RV should include inspecting at regular intervals, cleaning, lubricating, adjusting, and servicing.
    • An RV is a home and a vehicle in one, and therefore, needs to be maintained both like a house and an automobile. As such, preventive maintenance of an RV involves two aspects– examining the vehicle chassis and checking the coach.
    • Preventive maintenance is all about applying common sense. It calls for quick actions, not assumptions. If you want to get a good resale value for your rig, keep a constant tab on certain aspects including fluid levels, tire pressure, and the power of the lights. For example, a mere look at your tires cannot tell you whether they are inflated properly or not. Similarly, don’t just assume that fluid levels are fine or there is no leakage problem just because your rig is only three years old. In most of the cases, RV-ers experience unexpected breakdowns just because they often assume a lot and fail to provide the minimum preventive maintenance that their rigs need. Therefore, check all fluid levels including engine and brake oil, transmission, power steering, and windshield fluid regularly. Check air filters so that you can replace the old one with a clean alternative on time. Also, look for the potential sources of leaks. If you can locate one, get it repaired immediately. Remember, leakage of some fluids can even lead to a fire.
    • A well-equipped motor home has a lot of appliances, gadgets, and systems. By performing some basic preventive checkups such as testing the roof air conditioner regularly, keeping a tab on the refrigerator temperature routinely, checking cooking appliances and electric and gas for proper operations, and making sure that the safety features such as fire extinguishers, smoke alarm, carbon monoxide and gas leak detectors are working properly, you can not only keep your motor home in tip-top condition but also avoid fatal accidents. A well-maintained RV always fetches a high resale value.

    Motor homes require more preventive maintenance than other lightweight automobiles. However, for average RV owners, it may not be difficult to carry out these maintenance tasks on their own. Take cues from our tips and draw out your preventive maintenance program. If you care for your RV today, you will be rewarded with a good resale value when the time comes to sell it. In case you .

    Are you all set to market your rig to an audience that is based in the Northern parts of the US? Or are you targeting those customers who might be interested in exploring the snow-covered northern states during the winter months? If so, you will need to make sure your RV is capable of beating the chill. The most crucial part of your preparation would be to install a heating device so that its interior remains comfortably warm despite the sub-zero temperature outside.

    Using a furnace is arguably the best way to heat up the interior of any motor home. Most of today’s newer RV models offer furnaces as a default feature. However, if your particular RV model lacks this feature, you may lose out on north-bound customers. So, . Read this article to learn how to go about the installation.

    Based on how they circulate heat throughout the RV, furnace models can be of two types:

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    Direct discharge Furnace:

    These units are small, compact, lightweight and easy to install. However, despite their size, they are perfectly capable of heating up a relatively large space quickly and efficiently. These models normally have faceplates to circulate the heat. These openings can be seen from the inside of the RV.

    Ducted Furnace:

    If you want the heat to get distributed throughout the interior of your coach, opt for this furnace model. These models help to push the heat through several openings called ‘ducts’ or ‘vents.’ These outlets are located throughout the RV. Users can open or close them according to their needs, and as such, can enjoy better control of where and how much they want the heat to get circulated.

    Check the BTU Ratings

    When it comes to determining the proper BTU for your RV furnace, remember, bigger is not always better. A greater BTU rating implies higher heating capacity but too much heat may reduce the comfort level significantly. While installing the unit, make sure that it meets the requirements for ducting, return air, clearances, and gas pipe size.

    Installation of an RV furnace can increase your rig’s market value by a few notches. Now that you know how to go about the installation of a suitable unit, approach your buyers with confidence. .