No matter what type of rig you own, mobile homes do not have much bathroom space to spare. And, it can be a problem when you have decided to sell your RV. When a prospective customer visits you for a personal inspection of the vehicle, he or she is sure to ask you about bathroom space. An RV, new or used, is just like your house, and so it is natural for buyers to look for all the comfort they enjoy at home. Therefore, . To make your job easy, here are three tips to organize your RV bathroom space before you put the vehicle up for sale:

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1. Hang Baskets on the Unused Wall

Most mobile homes have some wasted space over the toilet. Make smart use of the unused wall by hanging four or five baskets to store more towels, toilet paper, combs, hairbrushes, hair gels, and more.

2. Install Soap Dispensers

To make more room in your RV bathroom, install a few wall-mounted soap dispensers to get rid of too many bottles of shampoos, shower gels, and conditioners. It is a great value addition to your motor home. Soap dispensers are easy to use and will do away with problems like broken caps and tipped-over shampoo bottles. You will get these bathroom accessories at just $20 from any reputed online stores.

3. Use an Elastic Band

Body lotions, ointments, and creams, if left in the medicine cabinet, will look completely untidy, mixed-up, and disorganized. You can render a neat look to your RV bathroom by stapling a good-quality elastic band around the jars of creams or ointments. It will hold all the items in place.

These are just a few innovative storage ideas to make your RV bathroom look neat, spacious, and organized. Remember, when you are planning to sell your RV for cash, you must make it look presentable. So, go the extra mile and make these small changes to make your rig more attractive to potential buyers. .

When you are planning to sell your RV for cash, you must ensure that buyers enjoy all the creature comforts they usually find at home. From a portable grill to a mini coffee machine to a simple juice maker, you can that will make your customer feel at home. However, before investing in any of these devices, ascertain whether they offer some demonstrative value or not.Therefore, if you are not sure which appliances to choose from, here are three top recommendations from us:

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1. Mini Food Processor

Choose a portable food processor that takes little space and processes food quickly. Go for something versatile that works as a blender, chopper, and a processor. When you have added this item to your RV kitchen, tell your customers that they can chop onions without shedding tears, prepare their favorite smoothies in a jiffy, or whip up a mouth-watering dip to savor with their family and friends when traveling in an RV. Not to worry about the cost as this appliance is reasonably priced.

2. Slow Cooker

What’s the best thing to happen when you return to your RV after a day of hiking, biking, and kayaking? A delicious dinner waiting for you. A slow cooker makes that possible. Tell your customers that all they have to do is put all the ingredients in the cooker, press a button, and leave.They can enjoy their time outdoors while the cooker does its job.

3. Ceramic Coffee Filter

If you have a conventional French-press that makes cleaning a cumbersome task, replace the same with a ceramic coffee filter to impress your buyers. Your customers will love it as the beverage will taste too good without getting sludgy at the bottom of the mug. The clean-up is also super easy with the disposable filters.

Selling an RV on your own often needs you to add something extra to sweeten the deal. If you find it too much of a hassle . We can help you sell your motor home online and get instant cash.