How to sell your RV

What is the secret to getting your RV sold quickly? Connect to the right audience. In the digital era, apps can help you do just that. They enable you to leverage the power of the Internet for reaching out to thousands of buyers at once. This article discusses five user-friendly Android apps that will help you . Disclaimer: It’s a random selection.

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When you are talking about apps, you cannot just omit eBay from your list. Not only does the site cover a vast international market, but it also gives buyers a unique search experience with a variety of filters. For sellers, it makes the sales process extremely hassle-free by facilitating bidding, tracking views, and real-time chatting.


If you take pride in the flawless maintenance history of your rig, use this app to find buyers who are looking for well-maintained used units. The USP of this app is that it generates a car’s history report automatically. This way, one can avoid the risk of buying a lemon. All that buyers need to do for obtaining a vehicle history report is enter the VIN of the RV they are considering. The site has a tie-up with over 28,000 dealers across the USA.

Auto Trader

In this fast-paced world, people look for a quick and easy way to sell their vehicles. This quickly-loading app lets sellers list and buyers view the used RVs without any hassles. It is an excellent platform for both dealers and private sellers.


cPro is known for its user-friendly features like calls, text, and emails that allows for direct communication between buyers and sellers. Each post attaches QR Codes besides maps and directions for interested buyers.


For those seeking a no-nonsense deal, this is the ideal app for you. This often-updated app offers sellers a marketplace for selling pre-owned rigs at a ‘certified’ price along with service plans and warranties.

Although not an app, it is still something that you should consider for selling your used RV at a fair price and minus all the hassles— Sell RV Now. We offer years of RV selling experience and are happy to have thousands of happy customers on our list. Do .

Are you thinking about putting your RV on the market soon? The first thing you need to do is focus on improving its curb appeal. Why does it matter? It makes your rolling home look desirable and encourages your buyer to take a second look at what your coach has to offer. The more attractive it looks from the outside, the better it is. An inviting exterior often helps to . There are a lot of things you can do to improve the look and feel of your RV. Besides the obvious power-cleaning, invest your time in thoroughly scrutinizing every aspect of your RV’s exterior. Here are the four areas to focus on:

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Exterior Paint

Age and extended use may give an RV a sorry look. You can give it a new lease of life with a fresh coat of paint. Sometimes, even after taking proper care, some of your RV’s body parts rust. Not only will painting help hide all rust marks, but will also weatherproof your vehicle, preventing it from getting further damages.

Problem Areas

How would you feel if after climbing up a few broken steps, you come face to face with a door that is shabby, has crumbling paints, wobbly doorknob, and cracks? It is likely that you will readily infer that it is an ill-maintained rig. And this is one thing that buyers dislike the most because after purchasing an item as expensive as a motor home, they would not want to be bothered by these petty problems. Therefore, correct any such issues before listing your unit on an RV selling site.

Tire Condition

RV Tires are expensive. So, one of the first things buyers would inspect are the tires. Deflated tires might be a sign of replacement, and that might cause the deal to go sour. If your tires are worn, change them; it will help it sell. Otherwise, keep them properly inflated to allay your customers’ fear that they might need to purchase a new set of tires very soon.

Outside Lighting

If you are showing the RV after sundown, keep your rig illuminated. Make sure that all the decorative lights as well as the head, the brake, and the tail lights are in perfect working condition. It won’t take much time or money to change the non-working light. On the other hand, the radiance would create a fairytale-like ambiance, helping enhance its curb appeal by several notches.

To stimulate a buyer’s interest in your rig, take an objective look at the unit and make sure that it is at its best when customers come for an inspection. We have already told you about four areas that demand your attention. If you need further assistance, .

An indecisive buyer is a waste of time. So, whenever you notice indecision in your customers’ tone, be on your guard. Instead of using an aggressive sales pitch, play the psychology card by emphasizing the host of benefits they might gain by RV-ing. Here are the :

RV Buyers

Let Your Kids Learn From Mother Nature

Travel and education are inseparable. Best lessons are taught under the sky, in the lap of nature. While RV-ing with your kids, you can offer them hands-on lessons on everything from Biology to History and from Geography to Math.

Grow Your Friend List as You Move

Friendship is a blessing, and each RV vacation earns you a batch of new friends. You become a part of a vibrant and ever-growing community. Interacting with fellow RV-ers is not only an enriching experience, but it also helps you evolve your perspective on life.

Take Gastronomic Pleasure to a New Height

Great food is a significant part of an unforgettable vacation. Complete with a microwave and a refrigerator, an RV lets you enjoy great food on-the-go. If you or any of your family members are on a special diet, RVs ensure that there is no disruption to your eating habit. Traveling by RVs allow you to enjoy feasting under the starry sky with the dinner becoming an adventure of its own.

Learn to Live on Less

RVs teach you the joy of frugal living. An RV lifestyle helps you learn how to derive pleasure from the small things. Life on the road is a great way to understand that luxury has nothing to do with happiness.

Leave Stress Behind

Living on the open road will make you forget the stress of a high-paced urban lifestyle. Living in the proximity of nature will divert your mind from the mundane narrowness. Watching life from the ground level will open up your mind to the higher truth.

The benefits mentioned above will surely help your buyers overcome their indecision. Now that you know the secret of handling indecisive buyers, go ahead with confidence. In case you need further assistance, we are always here to help. .