You’ve always prided yourself on taking the best care of your RV. Now that it’s finally time to sell your vehicle, you’re certain that customers will have no reason to complain. But you forget one important detail – RV buyers are a savvy, informed lot, and the slightest thing may put them off. Let’s take your RV seats, for example. They might have held up fine all these years, but with age, they’ve begun to break down from the exposure to harsh sunlight and got unattractive due to dirt, and spills. As a result, not only do your seats appear dull, but they feel uncomfortable as well. And that is a problem when you’re driving for long hours. Thankfully, a simple solution is available in the form of .

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Benefits of RV Seat Covers

Seat covers protect your RV seats from the ravages of time. Available in different designs and textures, they can be used to jazz up your motor home interiors. Plus, they are a great way to cover up any existing damage on your RV seats. Also, the seat covers are available in a wide range of materials, from leather to sheepskin, canvas to plastic. With so many options, you can always pick an option that complements your motor home decor.

Finding the Right Covers for Your Vehicle

Since you’ll be selling your rig, you should focus on finding prodcts that are affordable, yet boast of high quality. Consider every option at your disposal.

• Check out the products available for sale in RV stores.
• You will find lots of suggestions and reviews online. Go through them to locate a product that you think meets your requirements.
• RV forums connect you with other RV owners so you can ask them what sort of seat covers they use in their rig.
• Do not neglect factors like durability, affordability, and comfort.
• Once you find a good seat cover, make sure that the measurements fit the RV seats. Otherwise, you’ll be unnecessarily spending money on ill-fitted covers.

Cleaning RV seats takes a lot of time and can become quite complicated since there are a lot of different parts, and you might have to use various cleaning items to get the grime and dirt out. It’s easier to slip on an RV seat cover that hides all the flaws and protects the chairs from further wear and tear. This small investment should help you attract buyers but if you require additional help, .

Rubber roofs have long been a staple in recreational vehicles. The manufacturers prefer a material that is lightweight and flexible, and rubber fits the bill perfectly. The best part is, without sustaining any wear and tear if it is properly maintained. But trouble starts when you hit a sharp object like a tree branch, and it rips a hole in your rubber roof. If you were planning on selling your vehicle, a damaged rubber roof is a deal-breaker. So, you need to fix the problem immediately.

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Locate the Damaged Section

Before you begin the repairs, check the surface of your roof to better understand where the problem is and how you can proceed with the patch. Walk along the roofline and lay some light wood material like plywood along the seams. Walking over wooden boards on the roof distributes your weight evenly across the RV roof rafters and the boards.

Handle Minor Leaks

If the damage to the roof is minor, use rubber roof coating to seal over the leak. However, before applying the substance, clean the area carefully. Then take a paint brush and paint on top of the leaky portion.

Use the Right Tools

Want to permanently seal the hole without having to replace the entire RV rubber roof? Check out sealing materials like EternaBond. Available in patch or tape form, this product is perfect for repairing roof tears of various sizes.

Duct tape might serve as a temporary solution, but you need to repair your rubber roof if you want to sell your RV. It’s a simple task, and you should be able to complete it yourself without any professional assistance. Once you’re done, put the motor home up for sale. And .

Selling your used RV is not like selling any household stuff. First of all, you must prep up your rig for a sales presentation. Face it: it involves a little hard work. And before starting the job, think what a prospective buyer wants from your rig – with modern entertainment systems, furniture, gadgets, and appliances. So, you may have to spend hours in tidying, organizing, and cleaning. Here are three tips to take the pain out of your job:

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1. Clean it up for Sale

You stage your house when you plan to sell it, right? The same rule holds true when selling your RV. Give your vehicle a deep clean to give it a showroom-like shine. Ensure that all the television and other furniture are intact and in the best condition. And in case you are not willing to include your camping furniture in the deal, remove them before buyers visit for a personal inspection. Do not let them think that you are giving these items free.

2. Fix Damaged Appliances

Be it a crockpot, mini fridge, or bathroom towel rack, fix them if they are damaged or broken. Otherwise, a potential customer may request you to reduce the selling price of your used RV. Today, customers come informed, and so do not assume that they will not inspect the appliances. Therefore, be honest and inform buyers about any problems before they find them out. If the repair costs are insignificant, you can ignore. Else, include them in the asking price.

3. Create the Ad and Set the Correct Price

Highlight the best features of your RV ad. Write short, simple descriptions of the upgrades you have made and take high-resolution photographs. You must decide on a fair market price that seems fine for both you and the buyer. Refer to the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) and the RV Blue Book to get the hang of what your vehicle type costs in the market. Set a price on the lower averages to attract the maximum numbers of buyers.

Selling your RV takes effort and time, but there is no reason that you cannot trade it off. Make the vehicle presentable and sell at the right time to clinch the best deal. if you want to sell it for some quick cash on the spot.

When you have finally made up your mind to part with your dated rig, you must understand what your buyer needs that make RV-ing more comfortable. Even simple add-ons like a USB wall charger, a wall-mounted toothbrush holder or a travel-tracker map can help you up your RV’s comfort quotient by a few notches. Want to know about more drool-worthy access? Well, before you hit the market for selling your RV for cash, with these three items:

Sell your RV

1. Smash-proof Wine Glasses

What is RV-ing without sipping from a glass of favorite Cabernet Sauvignon while watching the sunset by the lake or savoring some succulent pork chops? Therefore, if you want to make your buyers fantasize about a lifestyle as magnificent as this, put a set of break-proof wine glasses on display. Once you walk a prospective customer in your RV, tell him or her about these little additions. Tell them that they do not need to worry about bracing the glasses when they are on their next camping destination or risk the crashing of glass on the floor accidentally. Smash-proof wine glasses make RV-ing convenient without having to worry about any damages to them.

2. A Set of Ovenware

The ability to cook on the go is one of the boons of vacationing in an RV. Adding a set of compact ovenware such as baking dishes, cookie sheets, roasting pans, pizza stones and more will easily pique your prospects’ interest in your unit. These products will cost you very little — not more than $25. While showing the kitchen to your prospects, tell them how these utensils will enable them to toss up freshly cooked mouthwatering treats on the go.

3. Mountable Rack Organizers

If your RV kitchen cabinets have limited space, you can install mountable spice rack organizers for more room. Explain to your buyers, how the unit will come to their help in storing all the jars without seeing them rolling over inside the cabinet or reorganizing them repeatedly while traveling.

If you are selling your RV on your own, you need to spice up the deal by adding something extra to offer more value for your customer’s money. And in case you need some help to sell your RV quickly, we will help you clinch the best deal in no time. .