Many of our clients are people who first tried selling their RVs through consignment but soon gave up as they found the process frustrating. If you are considering the consignment option, maybe you should set your expectations right. The following article will help you understand what could possibly go ‘wrong’:

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1. Unable to Use Your Rig

During the consignment agreement, you’ll not be allowed to use your home-on-wheels. This is a frustrating experience because you are still the owner of the vehicle, but cannot enjoy the benefits or convenience that come with RV-ing. Even if you have thought of a short weekend trip to one of the Florida State Parks, you cannot do so.

2. No Advance Payment

You are not entitled to any payment upfront. Whether you will receive any payment or not will depend on the consignment agency that will sell your motor home. What does this mean? Well, the company will have possession of your rig for several weeks or months before you can pocket any of the cash.

3. Be Prepared to Pay More Fees

You will end up paying a flat fee or commission besides the additional charges for any repairs, upgrades, or cleaning that is essential when your vehicle is on the consignment lot. These costs will reduce your profit when the rig is sold to a customer.

We would advise you to avoid selling your RV through a consignment company. . We will price your RV precisely and reasonably, and pay you cash on the spot.

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