Regardless of how carefully you have maintained your RV, you have to repair a few things to make it presentable to the buyers. It runs fine, most of the time is not really an effective sales pitch. So, repairing a few things that are prone to disruptive behaviors (after years of usage) is a wise choice. However, you also have to consider the expense of such an endeavor. Investing too much in your used RV just before selling can carve out a considerable chunk from your after-sales profit margins. But, ? That would definitely save you a pretty penny. Here we are listing three RV problems that anyone can handle.

Selling RV

Repairing RV Rubber Roof

Years of usage can get your RV rubber roofs torn and damaged. Things like tree branches, and low clearance bridges can shred the rubber membranes, exposing the RV interiors. You can use rubber roof patch-kits to cover these holes. These kits come with comprehensive and easy-to-follow instructions. However, you need to focus on the seams of the roof, as these areas are generally the first to show signs of damage. Go through your user manual and only pick a compatible rubber sealing patch for repairs.

Repairing the Window

After years of usage your RV windows can get lose around the hinges, letting rainwater inside. If the damage is considerable, you need to replace the old glass with a new one. By taking care of the repairing job yourself, you can still save a fortune. In order to replace the glass, you need to take the screws out carefully. To get the frame out of its socket, you can use a putty knife. Shed the old putty plastered in there to loosen the frame and the glass, and it will be easy to remove.

Fixing Toilet

Even the most expensive toilets can get out of order after years of usage. Damaged or hardened rubber seals at the bottom of the bowl or malfunctioning water valve, anything could be the reason for toilet problems in your RV. As long as the situation is not serious, you can repair it using the repair kit. You need to empty the bowl and turn off the water pressure. Then take out the screws that bolt the toilet to the floor. Now check the brand and model number of your toilet to follow the disassembly instructions appropriately. Change the seals if water doesn’t stay in your toilet bowl. Or change the water valve to maintain water pressure. Then put the toilet back together and bolt it to the floor again.

With comprehensive suggestions, it is easy to handle repair jobs without professional assistance. But, .

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