An RV awning is the most useful accessory for every recreational vehicle. Whether the sun is shining bright or whether it is raining outside, awnings provide travelers shelter to help them enjoy the great outdoors. , and to sell your RV at a good price. But, how do you know that your RV awning needs a replacement? Here are three signs to show that it’s time to replace your current one.

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1. Damaged Fabric has Rot, Mildew or Spots

Check your RV awning periodically, especially after every trip to understand how well the fabric is holding up over the years. If you notice rot, sticky mildew or unsightly brown stains, it’s time to replace the fabric. Invest in a new one if you find the fabric is ripped, torn or frayed.

2. Visible Hardware Damage

If you notice any visible damage like bends and dents to any part of the awning, it means that you need a new one. Structural issues may damage it further, causing it to break or bend. No customer will be interested in investing in your rig if he sees a damaged awning-hardware. So, make a note of this problem, and get it replaced to make your rig suitable for sale.

3. You Cannot Close the Awning Easily

If you struggle hard to close the awning, i.e., if it is not closing with the help of the hand crank, it’s high time you get the RV awning replaced. Awnings in the best condition must open and close easily, and without any effort. Invest in a new one if you have a tough time shoving it into place.

Keeping your used motor home and all its accessories in premium condition is the best way to initiate a successful deal. , contact us right away.

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