If you have finally decided to bid your old travel buddy goodbye, spend some time to get it sale-ready. There is no need to go for a complete overhaul; just a few low-cost upgrades can give your home-on-wheels an instant facelift. Here are five brilliant ideas you should try:

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Extra Shelves

Even if your rig has a lot of cabinet space, you can still add more storage in the form of shelves. For example, your rig must have some space above the bed or window. Utilize this area by installing a handmade shelf. How to make it? Easy. Grab a few pieces of leftover plywood – you can find them in your local carpentry – and a couple of robust steel or copper bars. Screw-fix the wooden shelves on the spare walls and create a fence in the front with the rod. This simple trick is meant to hold your books (or other stuff) in place when the RV is on the move. Install as many of the shelves as the space permits – your buyers would love the idea.

Organization Stations

Small details can go a long way to impress your buyers. For example, a few organization stations installed throughout the RV can easily make your customers fall in love with your rig, especially if they like their things to be in order.

Ceiling With A New Look

Instead of investing in a lot of time and energy to paint the ceiling, simply cover it with a new wallpaper. Choose solid-colored wallpaper in bright hues. This will add depth and brightness to your rig’s interior.

Mirror Installation

Mirrors are inexpensive, but they can do wonders in adding space and personality to your mobile home. You can install them anywhere. Regardless of its location, a mirror can add to the charm by creating a great illusion of space.

Flooring Innovation

Let the old shabby tiles go; introduce vinyl plank flooring, instead. These affordable yet aesthetically pleasing flooring solutions will completely transform the look and feel of your old rig without breaking your bank. If you don’t have the time to change flooring for the entire RV, use vibrant rugs for other spaces, especially the kitchen areas.

While prepping your RV for a sales presentation, remember that what your buyers appreciate the most in a mobile home is a neat and clean and well-organized interior. Follow our tips to achieve just that. If you need further assistance in selling your home or need to sell your RV for instant cash, contact us here.

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