When your RV sits for long periods during the winter months, it becomes a nesting place for rodents. Rats, mice and squirrels will be scampering around to find some warm shelter inside your motor home. These little creatures can cause enough damage to your rig during the colder months. And, . Here are five tips to keep your RV rodent-free:

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1. Use Mouse and Rat Traps

Mousetraps with peanut butter or cheese are the best bait if you want to get rid of mice nesting in the nooks and crevices of your rig. When it comes to rat traps, they are big enough to trap good-sized rats and squirrels. Beware of squirrels as they are the most pernicious of all rodents, causing significant damage to your home-on-wheels.

2. Consider Moth Balls and Commercial Rat Poisons

Place small bowls of moth balls all over your rig – in the dark corners across the floor, under furniture, inside closets, on the RV bed and kitchen countertops. You can also use commercial rat poisons that work.

3. Use Ultrasonic Mouse Repellers

One of the latest developments in rodent repellents is the ultrasonic mouse repeller. They emit ultrasonic waves into the air, which scare the rodents away from your RV, never to return again. The mice feel the waves and leave your motor home.

4. Block Entry Points

Block all entry points of your RV so that mice, rats or squirrels cannot intrude and find a nesting place. Ensure that all possible entry points such as open windows and badly insulated doors, are closed.

5. Consult a Professional

Rodent infestation is extremely damaging, and can reduce the sale value of your RV. So, it’s prudent to consult a certified exterminator if you find that your motor home has been severely damaged by rodent infestation.

Take steps to keep your motor home rodent-free before selling it to a potential customer. All you need to do is performing a regular inspection of your RV. .

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