Not getting a buyer for your grandfather’s RV? How about giving it a little interesting twist, so that buyers drool over the new (transformed) motor home?

Here is the plan!

In this blog, we give you six tips on how to customize a vintage RV to give it a brand-new look .

1(12th july)

1. Unless you have a Money Plant, Let’s have a Budget First!

The more money you shower, the better can be your RV customization process. But, if you have a break point, then mapping out a budget is pretty important. You need to repair some broken parts, install new features and paint as well. So, it is better to fix a price range for everything, otherwise you will spend the fund and things will be left undone.

2. Take a Look at the Sweet Old RV

Study your very carefully. It can be customized in different ways, but you need to ensure that there is an ROI. It makes no sense if you spend a lot and sell it at a low price. Make sure the transformation you are thinking of suits the RV.

3. Think of What you need to Integrate

Well, this is an old rig, so you can add anything that is trending from microwave to music system. But even before you are integrating all these, check the engine. What if you find after all the toils the RV refuses to start – yes, a nightmare it will be!

4. Time to Rip off

It’s time for total sabotage, because the interior of your old rig is going down. Tear apart the old skin, only if you want a complete customization.

5. Draw Your Plan

Once you get to see how the empty RV is looking, sit down with a pen and paper to draw a construction plan. Find out how much space you can save and add extra features to get a good price from the buyer. You can even keep some of the old touch and customize accordingly.

6. Pick a theme

Unless you are juxtaposing old with the new, you can give the rig a new look. Decorate, paint and transform the RV the way you wish. Hire an electrician and plumber if you are not confident working on these finer details.

Except the sweet old exterior shape, the interior would have a fresh appeal, which the buyers would love to own.

We are sure the buyers would love this transformed RV.
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