Selling your RV is easy and finding great deals too. But, while thinking of saying good bye to your motor home, know that you are not alone trying to clear out the garage space in a jiffy. at a higher price. Sure, you have all the protection and convenience features installed in the RV. But, what about entertainment? Okay, maybe it is not the first, not even the second important thing that buyers look for in an RV. However, it can sure add a couple of layers of charm to your deal. No! You do not have to supply the TV itself to sweeten the deal, just the TV mount will do. With these equipment in place, you would never have to jump to grab the television every time your vehicle makes a turn. Let us talk about a few of these mounts to figure out which one will suit your RV the best.


Flat TV Mounts:

This is a fixed position mount and doesn’t offer you the choice to move the TV for better viewing as you change your sitting position. However, these mounts come in affordable price ranges and you can put them on yourself. That will save you some pretty penny while assuring a better resale value, right?

Slide-Out Mounts:

Want to enjoy a piping hot cup of coffee outside the RV, but don’t want to miss your favorite show? With slide-out mount, now you do not have to compromise. These mounts are highly durable and can be installed on ceiling, wall, or basement cargo bay. With horizontal slide-out facility, now you can surprise your buyer with out of the RV and safe entertainment options.

Under Cabinet Mounts:

If you have a perfect little space for a television in your RV or you are going for that trendy entertainment plus coking area feature, then use an under-cabinet mount. These mounts can be folded to save space while the TV is not in use. Safety and space saving are its two best features.

Desk Mounts:

Those of your buyers who are thinking of using the computer screen for both work and entertainment, will be thrilled if you have a desk mount installed.

So, take a look at these mounts up close before you select one, and equip your RV with the much needed features for a quick and increased resale value. With all the information at your disposal, the only thing left is to research and make up your mind about the right TV mount model before .

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