There is no doubt that vinyl graphics on your RV look cool. They afford a certain amount of flexibility in terms of customization and you can get them for cheap. However, if you are planning to , it is recommended that you take down the old vinyl graphics to increase the value of your vehicle. Why? Because not everyone appreciates vinyl graphics.. Learn more about the different options to discard old vinyl graphics from your RV body.

Sell Your RV

Using the Right Tool for the Job

Pulling the vinyl graphics off from your RV is the easiest method to get rid of them. This task may sound easy, but you need to use the right tools that allow you to pry open the corners of the graphic. You Use plastic razor blades that are not only inexpensive, but are also easily available. You can slide these thin, plastic tools under the vinyl edge and slowly scrape it off the surface without causing any damage to the substrate. However, the type and age of the vinyl graphic plays a big role in the success of this process.

The more pliable and younger the vinyl graphics, the easier it will be to remove the large chunks. As the graphics get older, they will become brittle and peel off in tiny pieces. In the latter situation, you should warm the face film using a heat gun to soften the underlying adhesive and decrease the amount of work necessary to clear the substrate.

Removal of Residue

No matter how you remove the vinyl graphics, there is bound to be adhesive residue. You can remove this residue from your RV body by using certain substances that attack the chemical bonds of the adhesive, thereby allowing you to effortlessly wipe it off the substrate.

Removing vinyl graphics is not a time-consuming task if you have the right set of tools and employ the correct techniques. And it’s important you do it to . You should get in touch with us if you wish to learn more on how you can sell your RV easily once you are ready for it.

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