Before buying a pre-owned motor home, your prospect would want to make sure that your wheeled-machine is in tiptop condition. And you cannot blame them for that. After all, they have to make sure that they are not buying another person’s problems. All they need is confidence and peace of mind that the rig will give them many years of worry-free travel.

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As you can understand, mere words of mouth cannot be sufficient to gain your prospect’s trust. After all, they are not carrying lie-detector along with them so that they can say for sure that you are telling them nothing but the truth. The fact that most of the sellers deliberately hide facts makes it difficult for buyers to trust sellers. Not all sellers are unscrupulous though. Many of them really don’t know what might be wrong with their motor homes. So how to build the trust factor? How to make them feel confident? Well, this is where a certified RV inspection can help.

What Is Certified RV Inspection?

As far as any used vehicle is concerned, it is important for buyers to obtain a complete picture of the rig’s health. A gives you just that. It can help you detect a lemon. Such inspections are conducted by certified technicians, who have received many hours of hands-on training to detect and fix mechanical issues relating to an RV. Depending on the RV model, it may take three to six hours or even more to finish the task. At the end of the examination, the inspector hands over a computer-generated report. This document offers an unbiased, third-party view of the rig, which is up for sale.

How Does an RV Inspection Benefit the Buyers?

The unbiased opinion coming from a trained technician is no less than a clean chit about the health of your RV. It enables buyers to take decision with confidence. They don’t have to take the word of the seller – the report says it all. With the certificate stating the condition of the RV loud and clear, the possibility of putting money in an unfit vehicle is completely ruled out.

Selling a used vehicle for good cash calls for excellent salesmanship. And good salesmanship involves winning the buyers’ confidence. Obtain an RV inspection certificate to win your buyers’ trust, and sell quickly.


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