Do you want to keep your RV clean and pep it up before selling it? Cleaning your vehicle’s exterior or interior is not an easy job, especially if an engine oil leak spewed thick grime all over your rig. But there is no reason to worry! All you need to do is invest in a good quality degreaser to give your dated RV a super-clean look. Not sure how to go about the cleaning process? Here are a few tips to :

Selling RV

Spray the Degreaser to Remove Smears

To remove grease from your luxury vehicle, you will need a degreaser, a bucket full of soapy water, three soft cloths, RV wash product, and a garden hose. Spray the degreaser on a clean cotton cloth and rub it gently on the smeared parts. A quality product should get rid of all the grease from your RV. Soap the greased area with the RV wash and thoroughly rinse the surface. You will notice a surface that’s cleaner than before.

Give Your RV Front Door a Deep Clean

Your RV door attracts maximum dirt and grease from the road. A quality degreaser will cut through the dust, grime, and grease, making the door all spick and span.

Clean the Greasy Barbecue Grill and Case

Spray the degreaser over your RV barbecue grill and case. Allow some time to let the cleaner soak well. Next, wipe the grease off with good-quality paper towels and wash it with a soapy solution and water to get rid of the residue. Always use a non-toxic degreaser when cleaning any RV kitchen appliances.

Clean Floors, Walls, and Carpets

Mix the degreaser with water to dilute it to clean your RV walls, vinyl floors, and carpets. The cleaner will wash away all stubborn and greasy spots on your RV carpets and floors.

Giving your dated rig a deep clean can significantly improve its price. You need not choose an expensive degreaser to pep up your motor home. Besides, if you now.

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