Suppose you’ve been wooing a prospective RV buyer the past few weeks. The deal’s as good as done, and they’re here for the final inspection. Their reactions to the kitchen space and the bedroom have been positive, and you’re confident this deal’s in the bag. But, the moment they walk into the bathroom, their expressions change. You soon get a call saying the sale fell through. What went wrong? One word – smell. Malfunctioning bathroom vents often . That’s not the worst part – neglected bathroom vents trap the moisture inside, causing it to seep into the bathroom and wall cabinetry, leading to mold growth. This is why it’s necessary to clean your bathroom vents thoroughly before selling. Here’s how:

Selling RV

How to Disengage Bathroom Vents

After switching off your exhaust fan, make sure you pat it using a dry cloth. Unscrew the fan and remove the grill. If the outer plate remains embedded in the adjoining wall, it needs to be loosened with a knife. Now you’ll have no trouble disconnecting all the wires. Take the fan unit out and unscrew any screws attaching the metal bracket. You must unplug any wires that have been hardwired into the motor unit.

Cleaning Method

Carefully place the fan blades as well as the motor on a dry towel. Now, use a small paintbrush or an old toothbrush to scrape off the dirt gently. This method is effective just for the upper surface. Attach a small nozzle to the hose of your vacuum cleaner to suck out any sticky debris that may cling to the vent.

Next, you should prepare a cleaning mix. All you need are kitchen/bathroom cleaners and water. Immerse the disengaged air vents inside this solution to remove any mildew and tar-like debris that may have accumulated on the insides of the blades. After 10 minutes, take out the vent parts. Use a sponge to wipe each part and then dry them using a towel. Leave them out in the sun for a minimum of two hours so that any moisture is dried up. You can now reinstall the fan unit.

There are no complicated materials involved in cleaning a bathroom vent. You only need to repeat this process once every six months, and your RV bathroom vents will no longer collect moisture. Once you are done cleaning your bathroom vents,you are one step closer to selling your RV. for a quick RV sale.

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