You were happy with your home-on-wheels without making any alterations. However, , you need to make a few upgrades to make it conducive to a customer’s lifestyle. Here are a few RV upgrades that you should consider before selling your home-on-wheels.

6(16th June)

Additional Battery Capacity

A deep cycle battery with a total capacity of 85 AH is fine if an RV-er normally stays in RV parks or campgrounds for a short period of time with no electricity hookups. But if a potential customer wants to explore the country parks or camps in the state and national parks or the beautiful Bureau of Land Management (BLM) spots that are completely off the electricity grid, additional battery capacity will keep the RV powered-up for a long time.

External and Internal LED Lighting

Upgrade your RV’s interior and exterior lighting with LED lamps or bulbs. It will not only save battery power when dry camping, but will also improve the vehicle’s visibility at night or during cold, foggy days. LED lights are brighter than ordinary lamps, and are also pretty durable.

More Shoe Storage

If your prospective buyer happens to be a full-time RV-er and stays with his family, he will need more space for storing shoes Add a few cubbyhole shelves so that your customer has more place to store them instead of piling them up untidily. Your customer will find this upgrade pretty convenient.

Make these small yet important upgrades to your RV before selling it off. You will be surprised by the value they add to your deal. Contact us today, and .

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