Consisting of a collection of still photos and video clips, a virtual tour aims at simulating a particular location. With an incredible 360-degree view of the rig and the zoom-in and zoom-out feature, a well-made video tour gives buyers a life-size feel as they sit in front of their monitor scurrying through thousands of ads in a listing site. For buyers, it’s nothing short of a virtual walk through your rig. And what does it mean for you? Well, a thoughtfully interactive tour gives you the opportunity to show off your marketing acumen. However, a boring display of a few point-and-shoot photographs of your motor home won’t achieve much, but done right, it can go a long way to convey the real charms of your mobile home, and highlight USP. Wondering how to do that? Well here come the tips:

Sell Your RV

Showcase the Floor Plan

In order to make buyers get a sense of how the interior of your rig looks like, you can add interactive floor plans along with your video. These are nothing but illustrated maps that let buyers click on particular spots and see a video clip right from that position. You can use tools like floorplansonline, TourVista or to add this feature.

Point Out the Possibilities

Why leave things to your prospects’ imagination? Use a virtual decoration software like Obeo’s StyleDesigner and allow your prospects to click on a particular image and redo the decor and see the effect.

Use a Lot of Images

Add more photos, as it can go a long way to improve the efficacy of your virtual tour. However, don’t compromise on the picture quality. Use the right tool to enable users to view it on the backdrop they want.

Think Three-Dimensional

Use Microsoft’s Photosynth stitching technology to transform your two-dimensional clicks into a navigable 3D image. You can also use IPIX immersive images, but the free software from Microsoft makes a better choice as it allows you to create a virtual tour from images clicked with just about any digital camera.

Most people post good photos when it comes to advertising their RVs on listing sites. Beat your competitors by creating a top-notch virtual tour and make your rig come alive on the web. If you need further help to , get in touch with us.

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