Search for playas are not very rare among the boondockers. These travelers are basically adventure lovers, ready to challenge the notion of everyday life and live in harsh environment. In other words, this type of camping takes place in the desert regions where temperatures are very high and winds are gusty. for the first time, here are some useful RV-ing tips.

11(27th May)

Cover Vent

Remember, it is very hot out there! So, you cannot go for camping without an AC. But that does not mean you will ignore vents. These are equally significant to keep your RV cool, especially when the AC fails to work. But these openings are the main source for dust. So, cover all the external vents with tape or AC filters temporarily. Do not miss out any circuitry openings. Make sure you have switched off the electrical lines before covering it.

Pay Attention to the Wind

It is a desert region after all. Hence, expecting the wind to blow from one direction will be a mistake. So be careful while picking the spot for parking. When you open the door of the RV, ensure the vehicle do not get directly hit by the wind. The bedroom and the front windows must not face the sun and if possible, keep the RV in the shadow of the wind. However, if there is no wind, keep the interior ventilated. A bit of dust will enter in the van, but that is manageable.

Minimize Opening

Do not keep your RV door open for a long time in a desert region, especially when it is breezy. Try to minimize the number of entry and exits. Take off your dusty clothing and shoes before entering the rig. If you are traveling with a child, keep all its things away from open spaces. This is the only way you can minimize dust from getting inside. Never leave any window or vent open when you are leaving the camp. Desert storms can kick up anytime, so don’t take any chances.
Desert camping is tough; but if you are a bit careful, nothing can be as adventurous as boondocking. Follow these tips are have fun RVing. , make the most of it. You will cherish the experience and the memories forever.

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