Just imagine what happens when you hit the showroom with the intention of buying an automobile. A sales rep receives you and walks you around, showing you various features of the cars and telling you how each of them can help enhance your driving experience. A good salesman knows how to make his customers fall for a certain car. Now that you are trying to sell your RV online, can you emulate the tricks of these real-life sales people? Yes, surely you can; with the help of technology. Use a YouTube video ad to attract your buyers. If done right, an audio-visual advert can give RV-shoppers a sense that they are standing just in front of your motor home, listening to you as you narrate the various attributes of your motor home.Video clips allow your prospects to take a from the privacy of their homes. No wonder, according to YouTube spokespersons, on an average day, a search for the phrase ‘used cars’ produces 256,000 hits on the site.Want to leverage this popularity in reaching out to a wider audience? Here are a few tips that will help you create compelling video ads:

Sell My RV

  • Find an attractive, low-traffic location to shoot your RV. Record the video just before the sunset to take advantage of the twilight glow. Shooting at this hour will also help you keep shadows out of the shots.
  • Write a script in advance. Instead of enumerating the features of your rig bluntly, tell your visitors a story – the story of a reliable travel companion that helped fulfill your urge of seeing the world. However, don’t forget to provide them with the necessary info like the vehicle’s year, make, model, and the current mileage.
  • Don’t make it too long; your prospects may lose patience. A two-minute video will be good enough for you to present your rig in an attractive manner. Also, shoot it in one continuous take to avoid the need for editing.
  • Don’t post the very first version you shoot; film it multiple times. Review all the clippings and upload the one that you find the best.
  • Don’t include the information that might be changing (such as asking price) in the video. You would not like to create the video all over again, will you?
  • You can use software programs to add a professional touch to your videos on YouTube. For example, use the Film or a Video Editor to adjust your video’s hue, contrast, brightness, and color saturation. You can also use Adobe’s post production software After Effects. It will let you enhance your video even long after it is filmed. Although a long take is always preferred, you can use the nonlinear software called Final Cut Pro to edit some portions of your video ad.

It is beyond any doubt that YouTube can be a powerful channel for showcasing your used motor home. Our tips will help you create an excellent video ad for the channel which is visited by millions every day. However, if you want to avoid the hassle of going through the selling process all by yourself and dealing with potential customers, contact us. .

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