What’s even worse than welcoming your prospective buyers into a cluttered RV? Welcoming them into an RV that smells of state food and unclean refrigerator. , here are a few things that you must do:

Selling RV

Remove RV Kitchen and Bathroom Smell

When your home-on-wheels is not in use, water in the P-traps below each shower and sink becomes the breeding place of bacteria. With time, the foul odor spreads throughout your motor home. Get rid of such smell by mixing a gallon of water with one cup of baking soda. Pour some of the mixture in each drain, and dump the rest into the sink so that it goes into the vehicle’s waste water-tank.

Remove Bad Smelling Fresh Water Tank

You fill up your fresh water tank, but soon find that the water smells foul. This is inevitable as many parts of the US have water that contains sulfur. Remove the pungent smell by sanitizing your RV’s portable water tank with a mixture of water and ordinary bleach. Make sure that the mixture is dilute. If hard water is a common problem where you live, install a water purifier.

Get Rid of RV Pet and Carpet Odors

Get a professional carpet cleaner to address your RV’s carpet and pet odors. After every motor home trip or before storing the vehicle, clean it thoroughly, and spray all carpets and upholstery with quality odor-eliminating products.

Motor home odors are an annoying problem. Make sure you get rid of foul smells to make your rig ready for sale. . We will help you get a reasonable price for your used home-on-wheels.

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