As a , your motto would be to reach out to a larger audience, and a few improvements can extend your reach dramatically. Take LED lighting for an example. A LED-enhanced unit is particularly attractive to dry campers. How? Dry camping enthusiasts have to run on reserve power. Therefore, they always look for tricks and hacks that can help them avoid draining on their RV batteries and help extend their lives. One easy way to do that is to replace your regular lights with LEDs. Thus with an LED upgrade, you will be able to attract both group of buyers – the ones opting for hook-ups, and the ones who prefer an unplugged stay in the wilderness. An LED upgrade can add to your rig’s value several other ways. Some of these are as follows:

Sell Your RV

  • Did you know that it takes more than five years for an LED light to run out, even if you leave it on 24/7? So what if LED lights cost significantly more than incandescent lights? With a 50,000-hour life expectancy, LED lights literally mean a one-time buy.
  • You can achieve huge amperage saving with LED lights. While an incandescent bulb uses 1.5 Amps, an LED uses only 0.1 Amps. In fact, you can run 11 LED lights with the same amount of power as one incandescent bulb.
  • Since they are cool, LED lights make excellent choice as task lights, such as reading lights.
  • LEDs are very small. Thus, they are fit for installation in the small and compact areas, where incandescent bulb cannot be used due to heat or space constraints.

When it is time to prep your RV for a sales presentation, an LED upgrade can enhance both function and looks of your RV, adding real value to it. Want to learn about more tricks that can ? Simply get in touch with us.

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