As far as RVs are concerned, driver’s seats get worn out very easily. blame it on the sun’s ultraviolet rays that directly enter your rig through the windscreen, subsequently fading and damaging the seats beyond repair. RV-owners often overlook this aspect, when prepping up their rig for a pre-sale presentation. Take our words, you cannot land a satisfying deal if you proceed without replacing your shabby, worn-out seat with some new and vibrant one. Here are a few seat-enhancement ideas that are likely to fetch a :


Enhance the Seat

Sitting comfort matters when you are driving at a stretch. Here are a few ways you can enhance the RV seat to ensure the maximum comfort for the driver:

i) Install an adjustable pedestal-base below the seat to make it move in multiple directions. It will make driving more comfortable.

ii) An RV-owner is supposed to travel through the length and breadth of the country, and the huge difference in temperature between the north and the south makes it a good idea to investment in a seat cushion cover that changes temperature with a turn of the switch. These thermoelectric cushion covers let you stay cool in hot summer days and warm in a chilly weather.

iii) For long distance travelers, removable auto seat cushions make a good choice – just replace the used one with a fresh cushion after long hours of driving to feel comfortable.

iv) If you don’t want to do it piece-by-piece, remove the whole seat, and install a new, feature-packed model that comes complete with different contours and fit. Believe us, this new addition can go a long way to impress prospective buyers.

Change Seat Covers

Being aesthetically pleasing is as important as being comfortable. A new seat cover can completely change the look and feel of the captain’s cabin. And with wide availability of a variety of decorative seat covers, it’s easy to choose one that fits your RV seat. Sheepskin covers are particularly suitable for hot weather traveling, as unlike vinyl, they don’t feel sticky during the summer days. This kind of enhancement is likely to attract buyers who intend to use it for full-time or frequent use. If you have only a modest budget, opt for fabric. You can buy them from any aftermarket auto-part manufacturer.

Driving comfort is the prerequisite for . It’s only natural for prospective buyers to examine the driver’s compartment thoroughly before sealing the deal. One of the surefire ways to create a positive first impression is to revamp the seat in the driver’s cabin. Keep these tips in mind and do it the smart way.

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