Are you all set to market your rig to an audience that is based in the Northern parts of the US? Or are you targeting those customers who might be interested in exploring the snow-covered northern states during the winter months? If so, you will need to make sure your RV is capable of beating the chill. The most crucial part of your preparation would be to install a heating device so that its interior remains comfortably warm despite the sub-zero temperature outside.

Using a furnace is arguably the best way to heat up the interior of any motor home. Most of today’s newer RV models offer furnaces as a default feature. However, if your particular RV model lacks this feature, you may lose out on north-bound customers. So, . Read this article to learn how to go about the installation.

Based on how they circulate heat throughout the RV, furnace models can be of two types:

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Direct discharge Furnace:

These units are small, compact, lightweight and easy to install. However, despite their size, they are perfectly capable of heating up a relatively large space quickly and efficiently. These models normally have faceplates to circulate the heat. These openings can be seen from the inside of the RV.

Ducted Furnace:

If you want the heat to get distributed throughout the interior of your coach, opt for this furnace model. These models help to push the heat through several openings called ‘ducts’ or ‘vents.’ These outlets are located throughout the RV. Users can open or close them according to their needs, and as such, can enjoy better control of where and how much they want the heat to get circulated.

Check the BTU Ratings

When it comes to determining the proper BTU for your RV furnace, remember, bigger is not always better. A greater BTU rating implies higher heating capacity but too much heat may reduce the comfort level significantly. While installing the unit, make sure that it meets the requirements for ducting, return air, clearances, and gas pipe size.

Installation of an RV furnace can increase your rig’s market value by a few notches. Now that you know how to go about the installation of a suitable unit, approach your buyers with confidence. .

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