So, you are selling your RV? Then, have you checked whether its water pump is working or not? Putting up your old home-on-wheels with a faulty pump will not do you any good. Nor will it fetch you a good price. So, here is how you can :

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Diagnosing the Problem

Check whether you’ve left the drain open and kept thinking that you were actually filling up the water tank. Remember to reconnect all lines between the pump and the tank after you’ve finished pumping motor home antifreeze between the water lines. Before jumping to the conclusion that your RV’s water is not working, check whether you’ve forgotten to open the shut-off valve. Check the power supply at the fuse using a voltmeter. Make sure that the pump is properly grounded as good grounding makes the circuit.

Replacing the Pump

Once you have identified that there is a problem with your RV’s water pump, you need to replace the same. Here is how you can do it:

  • Drain your RV’s fresh water tank

  • Detach all the water lines. Keep a few towels handy because there will be still some water left in the lines. The towels will come useful if the water runs out.

  • Detach all electrical lines

  • Remove the water pump very carefully from the mounting

  • Carry the pump to your work bench

Installing a New Water Pump

A range of RV water pumps is available in the market, and you’ll get them from $60-$150. Installing a new pump is easy. Simply remount the pump and reinstall the water lines. Make sure that you apply Teflon tape on any pipe thread connections. Take a look at the arrows on the pump that shows which port is the ‘in’ and which is the ‘out’. Read up the user manual that comes with the new pump to make it operable.

Once you have an up and running water pump, you can sell your RV fast and clinch a fair deal. . Contact us today and connect to thousands of potential buyers looking for a used RV.

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