Importance of Good Photos When Selling RVs Online

Picture this. You’ve logged on to a website selling recreation vehicles (RV), and all you can see is a tiny thumbnail of a photo that seems to have been clicked by the evening. You are having to strain your eyes to ascertain whether it’s a dark blue or a black. You move on to the next (and the last) photo, and once again all you can make out is a dingy cabin – is that a cushion or a cat? That’s a vas or a bin? You wonder and zoom in, and oops! The dots scatter; it’s a low resolution photograph. Would you even care to explore this rig further? We’re so sure that this vehicle is going to stay unsold forever, however attractive its features may be.Even when buying the cheapest of stuff, nobody wants to risk an online purchase till one is satisfied sifting through some good number of clear photographs of the item from every possible angle. An RV is a big buy so calls for more attention. Buyers will only stop by those websites that offer an attractive array of shots of a vehicle’s every corner. You might have created a well-worded advert, but at the end of the day, your pictures will speak louder than your words. In fact, when shopping through virtual stores, they may well be regarded as the last word.Now that you know the importance of photographs while selling your RV online, here’re five ways to implement the plan:

1. Use a good camera: Well, we aren’t suggesting you to go all DSLR but if you think you are going to take a few clicks on your mobile phone and upload them on a classified site, selling your RV will remain a dream, unfulfilled. However good your vehicle might be, bad photos can mislead buyers and ruin your prospects. Whether you are selling privately or going through a dealer, use a good camera to capture high resolution photos for better impact.


2. Capture every nook and corner: No, giving a long shot of the interiors and a broad exterior shot isn’t really enough. When scouting online, buyers will want to zoom in and see each and every corner of your rig to gauge if it suits his or her needs – right from assessing the turns and the bends to the size and fittings of the washroom, the kitchen counters, the floor carpets, the window panels, the seating and bed arrangements, upholstery, the cockpit and more — buyers not only want to see it all but also imagine themselves inside the rig when looking through the photos. If you have big basement storage, light a torch inside to show its depth and area, and then take its photos. If you really want to create a drool worthy impression at the first glance, you must upload as many photos of your RV as possible.


3. Take pictures against a great backdrop at different times of the day: How does the RV look on a sunny morning – is their enough natural light or is there too much natural light coming in? Will it be a charming experience to camp inside the RV by the dusk or is the rig slightly claustrophobic? How would it be to drive up on to the mountains or down those emerald Florida beaches? If you give only a standard photo of your RV clicked at the parking lot at a dull moment of the day, buyers will not get the answers to any of the questions above and will simply move on to another rig. Therefore, capture your vehicle on to your lens at different hours of the day, amid lush green lawns, by the beaches and other terrains if possible.


4. Perfect your presentation: Ensure that your RV looks attractive enough before you take its photos to put it up for sale. Give it a good wash, dry it up, give a nice wax coat to add some shine-and-sheen and then consider taking the pictures. Flaunt the awnings to add some more glam.


5. Moving visuals for better impact: While pictures will certainly do the trick, they can also be accompanied with a short video, where you can give a virtual tour of your RV to interested buyers online. Ask your spouse or kid to man the camera as you get talking about your RV’s highlights. Do not sound low on confidence, you know you are offering a wonderful luxury vehicle. Rehearse a few times, if need be. Now, show the functionality of each part in your video, right from opening storage compartments, dishwashers to zooming into the water connections, sewer and electricity hook-ups.


Well, there you know how to use the power of pictures to fetch the best price on your used recreational vehicle. What are you waiting for, now? Go ahead, and make the deal ‘click’.

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