Do think the AC is a necessity when you are RVing? Well, perspectives vary because some prefer to enjoy the natural air, whereas some who are only into boondocking, this machine becomes mandatory to stay away from heat waves. But, what if the AC stops working due to a technical glitch? It is not possible to carry an extra machine when the space is limited. This is when you need to be more thoughtful as well as creative. You need to look into features that can even without an AC.

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Are you looking for a place to park your RV? Try to find a nice shady tree. Your roof may end up with a lot of leaves and bird droppings on it, but don’t you think it is better to sacrifice the roof than surrendering to the hot weather? You can simply mount a canopy above the RV to protect the roof. Remember to park the side of your vehicle, which has lesser windows, towards the sun.

Window Covering

What is an RV without picture windows? It is a trip after all, and if you are unable see outside through windows, the adventure remains incomplete. But tell you what? These windows transfer heat from outside. Even if these are double paned or slightly tinted, sunrays keep on penetrating. So, if you want to combat this, cover the windows with curtains, shades or reflective bubble insulation. These are temporary covering which you can move after sun set.


If you do not have an AC and prefer to use the fan, ensure the RV has proper ventilation that allows air to move in and out. Keep the windows on the shady sides open and place a fan in that direction. This will draw fresh air from outside and keep your entire RV cool. Open the ceiling vent and let the fresh air circulate.

Living in a hot and humid rig is very difficult. An AC can be helpful but if it is not working or if you do not have a cooling machine, then use these tips to .

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