You may like the idea of having a skylight in your RV. But does that mean your buyer will like the same? Maybe he will, maybe he won’t. Why take chances?

Here are three ways to deal with such a situation:

Sell Your RV

1. Paint It

This is the simplest and easiest way to get rid of unwanted light from entering the rig. But you should be very careful with your decision, because once you have painted the skylight with a dark color, it is hard to get back to a clean state. However, if you want the buyer to reuse the skylight, use plastic-safe spray paint. The elastic feature in the paint makes it easily removable, when dry.

2. Removable Vent

There is a cushion available in the market, which you can place directly in front of the skylight to block the light. These are known as vent cushion, which has an insulating ability to and warmer in the winter. So, on one hand you can block the excess light and on the other, you can keep your RV comfortable.

3. Install Curtain

This is one of the best ways to cut off the unwanted light. There is no need to paint or block the skylight using a cushion, just hang a curtain there. If your buyer wants, he can move the curtain to let the light in, and when he is done, the curtain can be drawn back to cut off the unwanted light. Just make sure, you hang a dark-colored drape to block light.

Skylight in an RV is a very beautiful thought because it lets in natural light inside the van. But you never know what your buyers are expecting. So talk about the features in your motor home, before you start covering the skylight. .

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