What do you need to compel people over all the others If this is going on inside your head all the time, then you probably need a better option than conventional add-ons that most of the sellers go for. What could it be? Well, how about making your RV disability-accessible? Think about it, with this special feature, you would be able to access the circle of clients who cannot travel in conventional rigs. Plus, your deal would give buyers an option to bring along their disabled family members on a trip, thus making an appealing case to buy your RV. So, if you are really looking for ways to improve your chances of getting a great price on the resale, making your vehicle disability-accessible would be the best way to go. How? Let us explore our options.

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What Do You Need?

Obviously, you would need professional help, but before asking them what modification would be best for you, let us do a quick research on what modifications are in trend right now.

An All Accessible Driving Facility

Few small adjustments or modifications on the driving controls can help you sweeten the deal and get the price boost you need. Better hand controls in improving steering, shifter and clutch usage for the disabled can get the job done. Highlight the features in your sales pitch and let the potential buyers know that with your RV, a disabled person can even drive to newer places instead of being just the passenger. It will definitely get you the attention.

Disability Accessible Interiors

Mobility impairment can make moving inside the RV difficult and tiring for the disabled individuals. But, you can add handrails and shower chairs to make things easier for them. Putting a few installations in the hall, bedroom, and bathroom won’t really cost you a fortune, but having better features will get you the price you have in mind.

Easy In and Out Facilities

There are numerous modifications that you can opt for while looking to make your RV entrance disability accessible. There are popular elevators that you can consider. these machines can lift the wheelchair from outside and safely bring the person in the RV But, as you can imagine, it might cost you a pretty penny. If you want to go with something cheaper, you can add a modular ramp at the entrance of the RV. However, you might have to widen your entryway a bit for that to function properly.

As we have explained already, you would have to contact the professionals to assess your rig and suggest you the appropriate solutions. But, with an understanding of things, you will surely make the best decision. Now that you know how to , get to it and boost you resale value confidently.

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