Now that you have decided to , make sure you give it a fresh quote of color before advertising for sale.

Are you worried about the cost that you need to bear for painting?

Yes, we do understand that this can be a costly decision. But if you really want to crack a good deal, this step is unavoidable. However, there are ways in which you can minimize the cost of painting your RV.

8(20th june)

Use Single Color

Let’s begin with the cheapest way to paint your RV and that is by using a single color. If you are not ready to spend money on multiple colors use just one shade to paint your entire vehicle. In case you go for custom finish, that will cost you a bit extra. So, all that you can do is create a base and leave the rest to the buyer who can paint the RV as per their choice.


Tell you what, using graphics as a way to paint your RV is both risky as well as cool. It may happen that you will have to search a bit harder for a buyer because the idea of having a graphic design on their vehicle may not be preferred by all. But on the other hand, an RV with graffiti or any other graphical forms increase its value to people who love this art form. The buyer who selects this van will be easy to negotiate with because the design on the wall of the van has already earned his attention. If you decide to take this route, all you need to do is put a base color and add the design of your choice.


This is another cost-effective solution and it can save you money over a full paint job. Fiberglass lasts a long time and it does not absorb heat. This keeps the inside temperature at a moderate level. However, fiberglass can be a bit costly, but it increases the selling value.

So, minimize the cost of painting using these ideas and at the time of selling. An attractive exterior is the first step to cracking an awesome deal.

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