One of the biggest mistakes that RV-owners make when taking their rig to the market for sale is not paying attention to the bathroom condition. Take a close look at your RV bath and ask yourself “does it need a makeover?” If you are not sure how to get started with your remodeling project, consider the following factors:

Sell Your RV

Add a Shower Enclosure

Install a shower enclosure in your motor home – it will immensely add to your rig’s value. However, first research the sizes to see which one would fit it properly. If it’s not a luxurious Class A or Class B motor home, don’t opt for a lavish spa-like shower; instead settle for an upright stand-in shower.

Rethink the Sink Location

Bathroom sinks are one of the commonest problem areas in an RV. You may not change it if it’s in a fine condition. However, a change in the placement can make a big difference. Is it ideally placed for convenient use? If not, change the placement. Install it in a spot where you can access it and use it comfortably.

Replace a Shower Curtain with a Shower Door

You’ll always end up with small puddles on the floor if you use a shower curtain. But, you can avoid the mess with a shower door.

Upgrade Your Water Heater

A 10-gallon water heater is an item that will definitely lure many buyers to your rig. Unlike a smaller 6-gallon version, this bigger water heater will allow you to run the water continually.

Insulate the Bathroom

and that is through insulation. Barring a few, manufacturers rarely offer good insulating features. Invest in this area and it will prevent bathroom faucets from getting cracky during the colder months. Buyers will appreciate this improvement as you point it to them.

Rethink the Decor

You might have been using your rig for years; why not contemporize the décor for today’s buyers? You may not need to break the bank to give it a design boost. With some planning and research, you can enhance the rig’s appeal by a few notches.

When revamping the bathroom, tread carefully. Put your feet in buyers’ shoes and use your common sense to think of what your buyers might want. Avoid expensive renovations. By planning intelligently, you can significantly enhance the look and feel of your RV bath for less, and subsequently clinch a lucrative deal. fast.

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