Be it a home or a home-on-wheels, when it comes to purchasing a pre-owned unit, buyers always proceed with caution. They go the whole hog to make sure that they are putting their money in something livable, and not in a leaky and ramshackle heap of junk on the verge of collapse. So once your used rig is out on the market, get ready to be bombarded with a volley of questions from prospects. For your poor rig, it’s time to undergo some tough inspection episodes. Just imagine the situation – a prospect walks into your coach, tries to turn on the AC and it simply refuses to start! Believe us, nothing can be more put-offish for a buyer. Why let your prospects throw you off-guard? Why let them end up in your competitor’s rig? Simply and prep your rig for an impressive presentation. The question is how to get going?

8(29th July)

  • Start with making an honest evaluation of your rig.
  • Consider every aspect of your RV – the body condition, exterior paint, roof, windows, batteries, compartments, flooring, cabinetries and more.
  • Now that you have a clear understanding of your rig’s condition, make a list of all things that are in a bad shape and require repairing, and of the things that are just fine.
  • Now finalize on the items that require a quick fix. You can divide them into three groups:

    Group 1 – Items and issues that you can fix yourself
    Group 2 – Issues that call for professional handling, but at an affordable cost.
    Group 3 – Items that call for complex and costly replacement or repairing

  • Fix all the issues and replace items that fall under the first two categories. Leave all those that are too complex and expensive to repair. Explain their conditions to the prospects and tell them that you are ready to take the hit on the selling price in your deal. Being honest with your prospects will only help you close the deal faster.

Keep these tips in mind while prepping your rig for a presentation. If you need any assistance to identify the areas that need quick fixing, .

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