Ah, the 90s! A Google-less world when live streaming seemed as unreal as an alien attack. For all of us who have enjoyed life in that wonderful time, the 90s, gracefully poised between the old school 80s and the hi-tech millennium, hold a special place in our heart. If you thought nostalgic memories were the only way to relive those golden days, we will show you a different route. ? Here’s how to do it.

5(22thy July)

Carry Your Disc-man

Everyone listened to music using their disc-man back in the 90s. Take this device along with your favorite music CDs on your next trip. Hum to the tunes of Enrique Iglesias, Celine Dion, George Michael, or anyone you would like to listen.

Click Pictures with Your Old Camera That Needs Film

Remember your 35 mm camera that needed 10 rolls of film for clicking numerous pictures on the trip? Take your old camera along to take snaps of mountains, forests and pristine lakes while RV-ing. You’ll love it when you find how perfectly you have captured the setting sun in your camera lens.

Keep a Paper Map Handy

In the 90s, you relied on maps published by Rand McNally. Those paper maps were your best friends on the road. Why not tuck away one of those smaller maps near the captain’s seat when driving your RV? Use it whenever you need directions.

Talk to Locals and Find a Good Place to Eat

Back in the 90s, there were no smartphones or restaurant apps to find your favorite food joint on the way. You asked the locals to help you find the best eatery in the area. Relive the glory of those days by asking locals about the nearest BBQ joint. Head straight, and gorge on succulent beefsteaks or pork ribs with your family and friends.

Relive these nostalgic moments on your next road trip before selling your RV. And, if you want any assistance when selling your home-on-wheels, .

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