Having a private RV bathtub is a boon. More so for all those rig owners who want to sell their motor home to select customers who do not like to take a bath in a busy campground with insufficient and unclean showers. Even a small hole or dent in the tub will make prospective buyers lose interest in your used home-on-wheels. Replacing the tub or hiring a repairman will prove expensive. ? Here are some simple steps to help you do the job.

Things You Should Keep Handy

Before you start repairing, you’ll need to keep a few things handy such as drill, EternaBond tape for your tub, sandpaper, scissor and a piece of cloth.

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Steps to Repair the Tub

  • Start by cleaning the entire bathtub. Scrub off dirt, mildew, debris, and let the tub dry for some time.

  • Drill a one-fourth hole at the end of the crack. This is essential to prevent further damage. You must not allow the crack to get any bigger.

  • Cut out a portion of the EternaBond tape. Make sure that you cut it large enough to cover the crack fully. Keep in mind that there should be a one-inch overlap on all sides of the crack. Take the scissor to round out all corners of the EternaBond tape.

  • Take the sandpaper to sand around the damaged surface. Do it gently. Clean the area with a piece of damp cloth. Allow some time to dry fully.

  • Take the cut piece of the EternaBond tape and peel off its back. Apply it to the crack when the surface of the tub is warm. This will allow for better adhesion. Make sure that you smoothen out the tape. Wait for a couple of hours to let the tape set properly.

  • Keep your RV bathtub clean and free from any damage before you put up your motor home for sale. We will help you sell your RV at a reasonable price once your rig is ready. .

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