Have you traveled extensively across the country in your home-on-wheels? And, your RV has depreciated considerably over the years? If the answers to these questions are yes, it’s high time that you sell your used RV and make some quick bucks. But, wait a second! Did you check your RV’s vent cover to see whether it’s damaged or not? The vent lid bears the brunt of all the rain, storms, cold air and inclement weather. If it’s damaged, :

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1. Buy a Suitable Replacement Lid

Look up stores that sell quality replacement covers. Most of them measure 14 inches in length and 14 inches in height. To get the right size, take a snap of the original cover’s hinge and show it to the storekeeper. It will help you choose the right cover.

2. Park Your Rig

Before you start replacing the cover, park your motor home in your driveway. Turn the engine off and allow some time to cool down.

3. Use a Ladder

Place a ladder and rest it carefully against your vehicle’s side. Lean the ladder against your motor home in a way to ensure it’s properly resting on the ground. Use a ladder with spikes for additional safety so that it is easy to secure it in place. You can also ask one of your family members to hold the ladder firmly to keep it balanced.

4. Remove the Damaged Cover

After putting on your tool belt, go up the ladder safely until you have access to the vent cover. Detach the pins from the hinge carefully. If your RV’s vent cover doesn’t have hinges, read up the user manual. Once you are through with the pins, straighten or adjust the tabs. Once the tabs are adjusted, it’s easy to remove the vent cover.

5. Add the New Vent Lid

Position the new vent lid up the adjusted tabs and insert the slots of the vent cover properly along the straightened tabs. Close all the tabs as they originally were. Remember to add the pins to the joint or hinge that you’ve removed. Secure the pins a little. Make sure you do this carefully without damaging the exterior coating.

Now that your RV’s vent lid is replaced, put your RV up for sale. And, .

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