Has your recreational vehicle (RV) been sitting idle for years? Why don’t you sell it off and earn some quick cash? As everything can be sold online these days, your preferred pick is going to be an auto listing website where you can place an advertisement and wait for interested buyers, isn’t it? This process is free from a lot of hassles, and you will be quick to land upon hordes of honest shoppers who are eagerly looking for great online deals.


Cases of scams are not very uncommon in auto listing websites. In October 2015 alone, 248 cases of classified scams were reported to the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission amounting to a financial loss of $32, 666. This only means that you need to look for the red flags while you’re selling your RV online.

Warning Signs You Should Watch Out For

Over the years, a wide variety of rip-offs and hoaxes has been reported on auto listing websites. Here are the three most common malpractices you may come across on auto listing websites:


Phishing is perhaps the most widely seen fraudulent online exercise, and almost every listing website warns sellers about phishers. Usually, a phisher claims to be the representative of a listing website, and informs sellers about an irregularity in their accounts. Based on the phisher’s suggestion, sellers are redirected to an external website where they are asked to provide their financial information. The phisher collects these confidential details, and uses them to commit identity theft.

Check Deceptions

Using original-looking counterfeit cashier’s check to cheat the seller is another common malpractice. In this scenario, the imposter buyer will show interest in your RV, and send you the check. This counterfeit cashier’s check will carry an amount higher than the price of your RV, and the buyer will ask you to send back the excess cash. However, you will become liable to reimburse the full amount, as your bank will soon realize that the check is a fake one.

Vicious Crimes

Cyber criminals have big rackets, and they have become experts in assessing the security of a house before making any move. Therefore, it’s a real bad idea to post contact information, especially your home address, in any listing website. There are numerous instances where criminals use this opportunity to steal a listed item from the sellers, even murdering them in the process.

Be smart when selling your RV through listing websites, and go for a separate email account that you’ll use only for this purpose. DO NOT reveal any personal information in your advertisements. And if you don’t want to go into all these troubles, contact a reputed RV dealer and let them take care of all the paperwork.

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