Set in the heart of Central Florida in Lake Buena Vista, the Disney World is a top draw among RV-ers from across the US. Indeed, with so many rides and attractions, it’s a must-visit for not only children, but also adults. However, choosing where to stay is one of the most vital aspects of your to the happiest place on the earth. Here we discuss about two staying options – camping right in the Disney Park and spending your nights in the nearby campgrounds.

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Park your RV Inside the Disney World

What a grand idea it is to spend the night right inside the Magic Kingdom! And, with Disney providing 750 acres of parking space for the RV-ers, it’s not a far-fetched dream at all. In addition to proximity to all the fun attractions of the resort, the sprawling Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground offers a load of amenities including full hookups and laundry facilities, among the others. However, the biggest advantage of staying inside the park is an access to a slew of services that are unique to Disney. These include childcare facilities, free transportation to the different areas of the park and more.

Once you have seen all the attractions in the Disney Park, experience a set of recreational activities that Fort Wilderness has to offer. Opt for a variety of water-sports such as fishing and kayaking, or go for other fun activities such as pony and sleigh rides or archery lessons.

As we know, quality comes for a price, and given the range of on-site attractions and amenities, you are expected to shell out a fee, which is higher than the average $66 per night. At $81 per night, premium sites are even costlier.

Stay in the RV parks Near Disney World

It’s not a bad idea to located in the nearby Kissimmee or Orlando regions. This is an ideal option for those wishing to stay at the Disney for several nights, as it will help them save a good amount of dollars. They have all the amenities that RV-ers can ask for, but you will have to drive to Disney World to catch up with the on-site attractions. It’s only a short distance, but the amount you can save on food and accommodation can be substantial. They will also give you better access to other attractions in central Florida. In addition, there is less crowd in these parks, so if a quiet night’s sleep is important to you, opt for the RV parks outside the Disney World.

A good homework is what will let you make the most of your trip to the Magic Kingdom. Our tips will enable you to opt for what suits you the most. So go ahead and rediscover the child in you.

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