The windshield is a vital part of all automobiles. Not only does it ensure the safety and driveability, it also lets the light in and keeps the cold out besides preventing rainwater, snow, pests, and all other unwanted elements from entering the vehicle. Needless to say that it’s vital that you . Here are a few tips to do it right:

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Cleaning Supplies You May Need

Windshield cleaning is not at all a problem when you use the right cleaning products and employ the right techniques. Carry out your project in an organized manner. So before you start the job, make sure you have the following cleaning supplies:

  • Hose or pressure washer

  • Buckets

  • Handheld brushes, mops, sponge and wash mitt

  • Glass cleaner, spray and shampoo

  • Felt brush or toothbrush

  • Microfiber drying cloth

Use water or spray cleaners from any reputable brand to wash off the grime from the exterior of the windshield. Rain-repellent glass cleansers are particularly good for your RV’s windshield. Alternatively, you can use a DIY cleaner. A mixture of water, a few drops of dishwashing liquid, a little ammonia and some rubbing alcohol can give your windshield a sparkling shine. While choosing your cleaning products don’t go by the manufacturers’ advertisements alone – research the products before you apply them on your RV.

Expert Suggestions

  • Always clean the windshield from top to bottom, starting with the upper tip and slowly working your way down.

  • Hose down with a pressure washer to loosen the dirt quickly. However, don’t get too close, as water may seep inside through the crevices, in case the windshield has hairline chips.

  • Once you are satisfied that you have removed all the stubborn dirt, use a microfiber drying cloth to wipe off the remaining soap foams and suds. Avoid using chamois leather, as these are expensive and not RV-friendly.

  • Spray a little detergent on a clean, dry cloth and wipe your windshield clean. This will give the glass a smear-free finish. Smear can considerably affect the visibility, so be extra careful with this step.

Insider’s Tips

  • Clean on an overcast day

  • Use adequate amount of water

  • Never use your regular cleaning liquids – the corrosive in them can chip out the RV’s protective coating.

Windscreen cleaning and maintenance is not a problem when you know how to do it right. Clean it regularly and more often to keep it in a tiptop condition. .

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