Are you planning to sell your RV this summer? And you’ve given it a deep clean with cleaners and detergents to make the vehicle ready for sale? However, that is not enough to pique the interest of your potential buyers and clinch a fair deal. To make your home-on-wheels safe and ready for the travel season, you not only need to keep it spick and span but also check its essential components. Here are a few before you put it up for sale:

Sell Your RV

Check the RV Caulking

Water leakage is one of the common problems faced by most RV owners. Your home-on-wheels has been sitting during the winter.So, the first thing to check is the caulking and ensure it has not developed cracks over time. Look at all the caulking around the windows, doors, seams, and roof vents. Do not overlook the corners and sidewall seams. In case you detect a cracked or missing caulk down a seam, reseal the same. Don’t take minor damages lightly because even the smallest of gaps or cracks may lead to major leakage problems in your RV.

Inspect the Tires

Check for tire cracks along the sides or between the treads. Tire cracks, whether minor or major,are extremely hazardous and must be dealt with at once. Make sure that you replace damaged tires immediately. You must also examine your motor home’s tire pressure and secure the lugs nuts to make your vehicle travel-safe. Always refer to the user manual to figure out how much pressure is appropriate for the tires. You can even use a pressure gauge. If you notice that the tire’s Pounds per Square Inch (PSI) is lower than normal, inflate it.

Check RV Gas Appliances

Turn on the RV propane tank and light the stove’s burners to ensure that they are up and running. Once you are through with the testing of the gas appliances, remember to turn them off. Check your RV water heater as well to determine whether it is properly functioning or not.

Take RV maintenance seriously and undertake all the essential steps to make your rig travel-ready. That’s what your buyers expect you to do when you are selling your RV. It will work in your favor and help you seal the deal fast. And if you today.

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