Thinking of selling your RV, but a burst water line is making things a bit difficult? Burst water lines are evil and manipulative that way! Generally, cold winter weather introduces wear and tear to the otherwise sturdy water pipes. But the good news is, you do not have to back out from your plans to . The water lines obviously need a repair but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to call in the professionals just yet (unless it’s already out of hands). Here is an easy way out.

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Search for the Damaged Area

Check your RV thoroughly to find the damaged pipeline first. It would be easy if your RV has removable panels. Even if it doesn’t, you still have to find the damaged area. After you have located it, turn off the pump and open the faucets near the leak to let the water drain.

Assess Damage and Get Supplies

Although repairing the water lines is not very hard, your efforts can backfire if there isn’t a well thought-out plan supporting it. So, before rolling up your sleeves to understand the repair job, measure the damage and figure out what length of a water pipe you would need to replace the damaged part. You would also need proper fittings. Check products like compression union fitting, elbow fittings and pipe thread fittings to find the best solution, or ask experts to help you pick the right item.

Cut the Damage

After assessing the damage, you have to cut out the damaged area of the line. Modern RVs generally come equipped with plastic pipes, which are easy to cut. But, old models have copper based pipes that will need tubing cutter. You would need steady hands to cut the damaged part from the copper line. Avoid using too much pressure.

Replace the Pipeline

Now put a fitting on each end of the severed water line and add the new length of pipe in the middle. You would need wrenches to tighten the metal fittings on the pipe. But, if you have bought plastic fittings then bring pliers to screw them tight on the pipes. You can add adhesive on the pipelines to improve the bond between the pipeline and the fittings. Give the adhesive ample time to dry and then turn the water on to see if it is working alright.

See! It is not that hard to . But, follow the suggestions carefully while handling a burst water line to keep things safe and easy. Now that you know how to handle the problem, do not let it stop you from getting a great resale value for your RV.

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