Boondocking is all about walking off the beaten path to tune into the nature around you. Heading to parts unknown and far from Walmarts and gas stations sounds romantic and exhilarating at once. However, nature becomes a riddle when you are lost in wilderness. After you make the initial mistake of taking a wrong road, it takes you deeper into the remoteness, adding to confusion. Under this circumstance, what is important is to keep calm and try to find an escape route. While this is of course not going to be easy, it is not impossible either, with the right survival hacks. Picture yourself in the place of ‘the Martian’, Mark Watney. If he could survive over a year in a hostile planet ultimately making his way back to the earth, so can you. Let’s pick up some quick lessons from Watney to know what to do if you get stuck in a desolate spot:



Thankfully you are not in Mars, so you won’t have to create H2O by catalyzing a complex chemical reaction in the middle of a desert or deep inside a forest. However, every drop counts when you are away from the hookups. So if you feel you are stuck and are running out of water, stop wandering about trying to find your way by yourself, and try to locate a water-source first. Plan how you will cut down water consumption to make your stock last longer.


If you have RV solar panels, you can always have the RV-battery charged up to the fullest. This is an investment that will come to your rescue in more ways than one when you are stuck in the desert in a chilly night.

Stock up on Good Music; Recharge Your Sense of Humor

If I was asked to pick up just one lesson from the Martian, for me that would be never to leave home without reloading the music device with at least two dozens of new tracks. Good music will make the time fly by, as you kill hours trying to spot another RV group’s campsite. And know what? If you are tuned into your favorite music, you will never feel like running out of humor. And as long as you have the ability to laugh at yourself, you can solve any problem at hand.

You are in a far advantageous position than Mark Watney, simply because you are not in Mars – after all there is no shortage of breathable air and you don’t have to produce water out of thin air. It’s only a matter of time before you get back to the hustle and bustle of civilization. All it takes is patience and effort in the right direction. As long as you do not find out the escape route, – you will never feel lost again.

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