Have you decided to part with your RV? Before selling,be sure you check to see if your luxury vehicle’s water pump is creating a hammering sound lately.A noisy pump with chattering pipes and deep vibrations are some of the common problems faced by RV-ers. Putting your used rig up for sale without doing anything about the noise will keep customers away. Who wants to bear with that deafening sound after investing a substantial amount in a motor home?Here is how you can quiet before putting it up for sale:

Sell Your RV

  • You will find pump silencer kits available in RV supply stores. You can connect them to your vehicle’s water pump to reduce the noise level. Sometimes, these tools are so effective that they get rid of the hammering sound completely. The soft supply hosepipes inside the kit will help in reducing the vibrations that are transmitted to the solid supply lines.
  • In case you are not happy with noise even after the installation of the silencer kit, mark out the water lines that are emerging out of the pressure side of the water pump. If you find that any of the lines are next to a cabinet or a wall, consider adding foam pipe insulation to the pipe to reduce the vibration level.
  • If the noise persists, you can attach a water accumulator pump tank to the pump. It will minimize the degree of noise. Alternatively, you can replace the existing water pump with a variable speed pump to cushion the vibration and jack hammering. It will not be necessary to replace the pump though, unless the noise is deafening, which is a rare scenario.

Once you have repaired your noisy RV water pump, you can sell your motor home at a good price. We can assist you with the deal and ensure that you get the best return. who are looking for a used rig.

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