When you are out in the market to sell your RV, a buyer would not like to see water entering the vehicle through the damaged slide-out seals. But that’s what is going to happen if you ignore leakage issues. The rubber seals may crack over time, deteriorate, and fail to prevent water leakage inside your home-on-wheels. Leaving this problem unattended would permanently damage your RV, reducing its resale value. Here are a few tips to from the slide-out seals:

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Ensure that Your RV Is Level

Check whether your RV is level or not. If not, water could bypass a damaged slide-out seal and enter your vehicle, causing damage. And this is not something you want your buyer to see when s(he) pays a visit for a personal inspection of your RV.

Check for Cracks or Dry Rotting

Check whether the slide-out seal is broken, cracked, or damaged because of dry rotting. The sun’s ultraviolet rays damage a rubber seal and reduce its ability to prevent the entry of water. If you find that these seals have become too brittle or developed gaps, they will need to be replaced right away.

Use Quality Lubricants to Prevent Cracking

Rubber seals are used to prevent road splash or raindrops from intruding the sides, top, or bottom of your vehicle’s slide-outs. Therefore, use first-rate seal lubricants to prevent them from becoming dry and brittle. Choose a mineral oil based lubricant to reduce the possibilities of damage. Apply the seal conditioner after cleaning the rubber first, as that would get rid of any dirt, dust or debris that has collected over the years. Make sure that you use slide-out seal conditioners at least once in a couple of months to keep the seals in good condition and prevent premature cracking. Apply the lubricant to all sides of the seal including the underside. You will need to peel the rubber seal back to reach the underside.

Simply remember these useful tips to maintain your RV’s rubber slide-out seals. It will help you prevent leakage problems in your motor home. And if you want any assistance to sell your used RV at a competitive price, .

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