Constant supply of fresh water is one of the most important things your RV buyers would look for. Sure, you have a fresh water storage tank to take care of the necessary requirements like drinking and bathing. But, these tanks and water lines can make a great home for bacteria and other harmful microbes. Your buyers are not looking forward to making the doctor’s office one of their frequent stops along the trip, nor do they want to spend most of their vacation time in bed. There is an easy way out once you know when to go for a .

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How to Know When it is Necessary to Sanitize Your Water System?

If you have algae or slime problem in your tank or if the water tastes a bit stale, it is time for a thorough cleaning.

Installing a new water purifier is not the same thing as sanitizing it. Purifiers can block rust, sand and other particles, but they are not the best defense against bacteria. So, be sure to clean up the tank before planning a resale.

How to Do it?

Mix bleach in a bucket of water and pour it in the tank. Now fill up your water system with fresh water and let the bleach mix with it. Give it a few moments to dissolve completely, and then run the bleach-mixed water through the pipelines. Running bleach through your fresh water system will clean hidden microbes and bacteria (if any). Keep the bleached water in the system for a few (four to five) hours, then flush the water out. Pour in fresh water and flush it again, this will remove any chemical residue as well as the smell of bleach from the tank.


You can use chlorine in place of bleach as a disinfectant. Follow the same procedure as stated above. Make sure you don’t use more than two cups of chlorine for 100 gallons of water. Chlorine has a strong smell, so if the water smells awful even after flushing several times, mix half a cup of baking soda in a gallon of water and pour it in the fresh water system. Give it a few hours and flush it out to compete the sanitizing process.

Health safety is an important requirement for your RV buyers. And, your bacteria infested fresh water system can pull all the resale deals from the table. So, sanitize your system and give your buyers the right reasons to .

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