Your buyer would not like a puddle of water greeting them every time they enter the RV (after you sell it of course). Nobody does. But, that is exactly what is going to happen if you are not prepared to deal with leakage problems. It could be a cracked pipe or some other plumbing malfunction that brought in the water. However, leaving it unattended would certainly cause permanent damage to your RV, shrinking its resale value. Here before it turns your RV into a mini water park or cause permanent damage. So, let us get to it.

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Making Sure There is a Leak

Before starting with the plumbing, you need to be sure that the water inside your RV is coming from the pipes and not seeping from the roof. To do that, you can check the outside of the RV for signs of water drips anywhere. Then close all the faucets in your vehicle and check the RV water pump. If the pump activates itself, then be sure that there is a crack and the pump is trying to stabilize the water pressure, lost through the leakage. Do not ignore such problems or you might have to compromise on the resale value as compensation for the water damage.

Dry Off the Moisture

The faster you can get the moisture off the wooden floor and furniture, the better. Otherwise, your cabinets, floor, tables and anything wooden will be saturated with moisture and start rotting from the inside. So, remove the carpets and mats from the floor and dry the place. You can use an electric fan. If you live in a dry area, open up the windows and doors in your RV to speed up the drying process.

Check and Recheck the Fittings

It is always better to ask professionals to plug the water leakage in your RV. But, if you are thinking of pulling off a D-I-Y stunt, then you better know what you are doing. Either way, do not forget to check all the fittings or faucets including the one you have replaced/fixed. Turn your RV pump on and check if other parts of the plumbing system are working properly or not.

Just keep these suggestions in mind to handle RV water leakage problems in time. Water damage and leakage can cut your RV resale value in half, so .

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