No matter how good a driver you are, scratches are something you just cannot avoid getting on your rig. It can be a mistake of yours while driving through a narrow lane or it can be the result of a careless driver coming from the opposite side of the road. Whoever is the culprit, . Moreover, if you are planning to sell it off, a scratch can diminish the value of the vehicle. So, here are a few steps to remove the mark from the surface of a motor home:

If your motor home is fitted with Seitz windows, you can get an acrylic polish from the manufacturer. This compound can get rid of light scratches from the surface of the RV.

Sell your RV

You can even try the following steps:

  • Your first step will involve removing the surface dirt, then masking the nearby trim with a tape.
  • Next, you need to put the compound on a piece of cloth and rub along the scratch, until the mark disappears. Make sure you have rubbed the compound properly and there are no white streaks or cloudiness on the area.
  • You will find mark remover in the market; get it when you are buying the rubbing compound. Apply it on the scratched area, using a new lint-free cloth.
  • Your scratch repairing job is done!

Before you start with the healing job, feel the scratch with your fingernail and study it. Do not forget to smoothen out the rough edges before applying the mark remover. Always use a separate piece of clean cloth to wipe the surface before moving to the next step. Once you are done with the removal part, polish the region carefully and apply wax. This will bring back the lost shine on your RV surface.

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