Getting your papers in place may not be an exciting experience when selling your motor home, but it’s extremely crucial for a smooth and hassle-free RV sale. Rig owners who have the right documents are able to clinch a successful deal minus any unexpected slip-ups or confusions. So, if you have decided to sell your home-on-wheels, here are some of the documentation problems you must address:

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A Clean and Free Title for Closing

No buyer will agree to buy your RV if the title is not clean and updated. If you’re trying to sell your motor home and still have a lien on the vehicle, inform your prospective buyer about the fact. It’s fine if you have a lien on your RV provided you pay off the same before a customer takes possession of the rig.

Get Close out Figures If You Owe Money on Your Rig

Still have an obligation on your motor home? If so, make sure that you have the close out figures as soon possible from the lender company. Inquire as to what paperwork is needed to clear the loan. Usually, your RV sale will be smooth if you already have all the arrangements made. Get all your papers made and organized by a lawyer or an escrow firm.

Be Ready with a Bill of Sale

Once all documents are in place, you are required to prepare a bill of sale. Make sure all title transfer documents are ready and can be handed over to your buyer. It’s important that both your customer and you get in touch with individual state departments of motor vehicles for the right forms and guidelines. You can also get assistance from your attorney or escrow company to handle such matters.

When selling your RV, make sure your customer makes the payment through a cashiers’ check or bank wire transfer. Never handover the vehicle to a customer unless you have received the cash. .

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